Bursaries/Study Grants

Bursaries/Study Grants



  • 10 to 23 July 2017
  • 03 to 17 November 2017




  • Matriculated students are to submit the Financial Aid application via the SIT Student Portal - IN4SIT. The System User Guide for the application process is available here. Do note that students are to connect to the SIT VPN before accessing IN4SIT. The VPN Setup guide for students is available here
  • Applicants will need to complete and submit the online application form and upload all required supporting documents through the application portal by the given deadline.


More information on the Bursaries/Grants available and the application timeline can be found here: SIT FAS BROCHURE AY2017 

Students may also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on Bursaries/Study Grants for more information. 


The following bursaries and study grants are available for Academic Year 2017/18; subject to eligibility criteria. 

Public Bursaries Available for AY2017/18


Citizenship Quantum per Academic Year

CDC/CCC Bursary

SC S$4,000 or $3,750

MOE Bursary

SC S$2,700 or S$1,350


External Bursaries

 Bursaries / Grants


Quantum per Academic Year


CTS Education Award SC/PR S$800 or S$1,000

Ngee Ann Kongsi Bursary



Sivadas-HEB Education Fund



Donated Bursaries Available for AY2017/18

Donated Bursaries / Grants

 Citizenship Quantum per Academic Year (AY2016/17)

Abwin Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust (A-REIT) Bursary

SC S$5,000

ATEO Bursary

SC S$5,000

BDO LLP Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation Bursary

SC/PR S$8,000
CLASS Bursary SC S$1,600

Choo Chiau Beng Bursary

SC S$5,000

Dou Yee Enterprises Bursary

SC/PR S$5,000

Feinmetall Bursary

SC  S$5,000
Feinmetall Study Allowance SC S$3,000
Firefense Bursary ALL S$5,000

Foong Family Bursary

SC S$5,000

GIC Sparks Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Goh Bee Gah Bursary

SC S$5,000

Goh Family Bursary

SC S$5,000

Goh Foundation Allowance

SC S$2,000

Goh Foundation Bursary

SC S$6,250

Home-Fix Bursary

SC S$5,000
Hong Leong Foundation Bursary SC S$5,000

Hotel 81 - Choo Chong Ngen Bursary

SC/PR S$5,000

HSH Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Hwa Study Grant

SC S$5,000

ICH Gemini Bursary

SC S$5,000

International Women's Forum Education Grant

SC S$3,000

JCS-Echigo Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Jeffrey Khoo Bursary

SC S$5,000

JSP Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Kenyon Bursary

SC S$5,000

Keppel Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Kevin Liang Bursary

SC S$5,000

Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation Bursary

SC S$5,000 or $10,000

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Bursary

SC S$5,000
Lee Foundation Bursary SC/PR S$6,220
Lee Foundation Emergency Grant SC/PR up to S$3,000
Lee Foundation Study Grant SC/PR up to S$5,000

Lim Chew Swee Bursary

SC S$5,000
Lim Doa Hin Study Grant SC S$5,000
Lim Family Bursary SC S$10,000
Lions Community Service Foundation Bursary SC S$5,000

Lo Chee Fei & Ng Choy Wah Bursary

SC S$7,500

Lo Hock Ling Bursary

SC S$5,000

Low Ming Wah Study Grant

SC S$5,000

Malayan Daching Bursary

SC S$5,000

Mapletree Bursary

SC S$5,000
Microcast Bursary SC/PR S$5,000

Mun Siong Engineering Bursary

SC S$5,000
M.Tech Bursary SC/PR S$5,000

Ocean Tankers Bursary

SC S$5,000

Perfect Team Engineering Bursary

SC S$5,000

Q'son Kitchen Equipment Bursary

SC S$5,000

Rotary Club of Bugis Junction Bursary

SC/PR S$5,000

Rotary Club of Jurong Town Bursary

SC S$5,000

Samwoh Corporation Bursary

SC/PR S$5,000

SATS Foundation Bursary

SC S$5,000
S.S. Jhunjhnuwala - Naumi Hotel Bursary SC/PR S$5,000
Silent Minority Bursary SC (Eurasian/Malay/Indian) S$3,000

Singapore Contractors Association Study Grant

SC/PR S$5,000

Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Bursary

(Hokkien only)

SIT Bursary

SC/PR S$3,000

Steel.sg Study Grant

SC S$5,000

TAK Bursary

SC S$5,000
Te Lay Hoon Foundation Bursary SC/PR S$5,000

Tech Metal Bursary

SC S$5,000

Teo Sie Lee Bursary

SC S$10,000
Teo-Tan Family Study Grant SC S$5,000

The Applied Materials Bursary

SC S$5,000
The Inspire Bursary SC S$5,000

The Ireland Funds (Singapore) Overseas Immersion Programme Grant

SC S$6,000
Thomson Shin Min Foundation Bursary SC S$5,000

Thye Hong Study Grant

SC/Malaysian S$5,000

TME Bursary

ALL S$5,000
Wong Family Bursary SC


Wong SH Bursary

SC S$5,000

Wong Kwok Leong Bursary

SC S$5,000

Wong Sooi Loon Bursary

SC S$5,000
Wu Peihui Bursary SC S$6,000

Xiao De (孝德) Bursary

SC/Malaysian S$3,000

Yangzheng Foundation Bursary

SC S$6,250

Yeakin Study Grant

SC S$5,000