Find Your Tribe

The Office of SITizen Experience is committed to shaping students into competent, compassionate changemakers and leaders who embodies the SITizen-DNA. We offer diverse platforms such as leadership development, varsity sports, performing arts, special interests initiatives and wellness programmes. With over 160 student organisations spanning various interests, we cultivate a vibrant, safe, and inclusive campus community.

Performing Arts

SIT Performing Arts groups allow students to develop their talent and passion in music, dance, theatre and instrumental. Student artistes are often invited to perform at various internal gigs and external events at national level. The annual highlight is a diverse and remarkable production, ExpresSIT, showcasing perfomances from these Performing Arts groups. Introductory workshops and activities are organised by students for students to foster a vibrant campus and enhances SITizens' self-esteem and overall well-being through Performing Arts, while gaining valuable performing experience and opportunities.

Performing arts group Breakers
Performing arts group Nritya
Performing arts group Soul Extreme
Performing arts group Muzeka
Performing arts group PAMC
Performing arts group Symphonique

Community Service, Special Interest & Student Chapters

Student Clubs provide a platform for students to cultivate holistic skill sets and pursue personal interests, extending beyond the boundaries of the academic curriculum. Simultaneously, Student Chapters play a vital role in enhancing students' professional development by offering opportunities to network with industry professionals.

Community Service Clubs serve to make a positive impact through volunteer opportunities including the mentoring and befriending of youths, as well as interacting with and guiding Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and the elderly. These opportunities will allow students to gain valuable experiences, make new friends, and help cultivate create a more compassionate community within SIT.

Special Interest clubs span across multiple genres, including community service, language, food and culture appreciation, sustainability, and eSports, allowing students to explore their passions and connect with like-minded individuals.

Student Chapters cater to various sectors, range from engineering, conventions, travel and audit industries. cater to various sectors, such as engineering, conventions, travel, and audit industries, enabling students to gain industry insights and establish valuable connections.

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    Sports Clubs & Varsity Teams

    SIT Football Men Varsity Team

    SIT Football Men’s Varsity Team emerged as Champions in the Singapore University Games 2023 (SUniG). This is the first time SIT has won a gold for football at SUniG.

    Student Clubs provide an avenue for students to cultivate holistic skill sets and pursue their personal interests, extending beyond the confines of the academic curriculum. Engaging in Sports and Martial Arts offers a distinctive blend of discipline, tenacity, and grace, fostering not only physical well-being but also mental and emotional fitness. By participating in these activities, students can embrace a balanced lifestyle, nurturing both mind and body, while acquiring valuable life skills that go beyond the classroom.

    Student Management Committees


    Student Management Committees (SMCs) serve as the representative voice of their respective programme cohorts, looking after the welfare of their peers. Acting as a vital bridge between the student body and the university, SMCs strive to enhance the overall student learning experience. Additionally, these committees proactively organise regular activities that foster strong bonds among students, both within and beyond their academic programmes.