Serving Guests and Becoming Tourists in Tianjin, China

Genevre and Mildred from SIT’s Hospitality Business programme benefited from an enriching OIWSP and deep cultural exchange in Tianjin, China, in 2023.

Learning and Thriving in a Luxury Hotel through OIWSP

5 Apr 2024

CEO Turns Educator to Nurture Young Minds

27 Mar 2024

Helping SMEs Embed Sustainability in Business

8 Mar 2024

Why pursue Business, Communication and Design

In order to prepare for an ever-changing world, it is crucial for you to gain a strong foundation in the principles of business and innovation

Global Perspective

SIT also nurtures global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding amongst its students through the various overseas student exchanges and overseas programmes.

Innovative Learning Approach

Through innovative, technology-enhanced, and authentic learning and teaching approaches, students are engaged and equipped with industry-relevant knowledge, real-world skills and attitudes to prepare them for the industry. The Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) will allow students to apply what they learn to actual work situations.

Industry-relevant Curriculum

Through collaborations with small and medium-sized companies, government agencies and multinational corporations, SIT is able to plug into a diverse ecosystem to ensure that the industry-relevant curriculum will empower SIT graduates to adapt quickly to rapidly changing business models and stay ahead.

Programmes That Develop Future-ready Practitioners

SIT offers entry-level honours degree programmes in Accountancy, Air Transport Management, Digital Communications and Integrated Media, and Hospitality Business. In addition, SIT also has a partnership with The Culinary Institute of America to offer Food Business Management degree programmes with specialisations in Baking and Pastry Arts, and Culinary Arts. These programmes prepare students to become true practitioners of their respective crafts in the global marketplace.

Exciting and Rewarding Careers

As Singapore’s economy transforms through enterprise and innovation, there will be a strong demand for talents with people-centric skills and service-oriented mindsets; who are geared towards providing the best service experience. SIT’s Business, Communication and Design programmes prepare a unique breed of graduates who are not only dynamic and innovative but able to play a role in their future employers’ capabilities to adapt to global marketplace volatilities.

What our faculty and students say

    quote-left The SIT Accountancy programme provides Domain Knowledge, Democratisation of Technology, and Dynamic Learning to nurture technically-savvy future accounting professionals. quote-right
    Michelle Zou
    Assistant Professor
    quote-left As an African proverb goes, "It takes a village to raise a child" the Accountancy faculty works closely with our students to nurture them to be industry-ready and thrive in the digital world upon graduation.” quote-right
    Yeap Lay Huay
    Senior Lecturer
    quote-left The Accountancy program is where you will be trained to get ready for today's digital age. quote-right
    Li Bingqiao
    Assistant Professor
    quote-left The content within each Accountancy module has been well organised, making it easier for the students to comprehend. quote-right
    Raif Hakim
    Year 3
    quote-left The modules within Accountancy are well-structured and provide students with valuable insights into the industry. quote-right
    Kwong Si Min
    Year 2
    quote-left The modules give us a platform to apply critical thinking skills that aids us greatly when we transition into the industry as working professionals. quote-right
    Joshua Dyason
    Year 3
    quote-left The knowledge gained from Accountancy has helped in the development of numerous soft and technical skills in students as they prepare for the industry. quote-right
    Tan Hui Shan
    Year 2
    quote-left Accountancy offers their students up to date modules, as well as an inclusive and supportive environment to thrive in. quote-right
    Jolene Teo
    Year 3
    quote-left Have no doubt that the aviation industry will soar again to new heights. SIT’s ATM is here to provide a well rounded and comprehensive education for all students aspiring for a career in aviation quote-right
    John Sim Whay Huong
    Senior Professional Officer
    quote-left Your academic journey will be enriched with international Faculty who are accomplished researchers and have had strong professional experience(s) at the airlines and airports. Certainly not self-effacing but an opulence of proficiencies you should not miss. quote-right
    Seck Tan
    Associate Professor
    quote-left SIT’s ATM is the best place to get started on your aviation dream job. quote-right
    Colin Law
    Senior Lecturer
    quote-left ATM has been a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge after my diploma. It has given me insights to the aviation industry and I am looking forward to my Integrated Work Study Programme before I graduate as the pioneer batch! quote-right
    S V Anand Kumar
    Year 3
    quote-left ATM is an ideal aviation management degree programme that is in demand and strongly supported by the industry where you learn relevant skillsets and solve existing problems with applied learning. quote-right
    Darren Loo RuiXiang
    ATM Cohort 2020
    quote-left An interesting insight to aviation business, ATM provides a detailed understanding and description of its environment, fulfilling the hearts of aviation enthusiasts quote-right
    Jerry Lai Jia Jun
    ATM Cohort 2020
    quote-left The modules within ATM are very detailed and provides great insight into the different branches within aviation. Along with knowledgeable and experienced professors who will be glad to guide you throughout your journey! quote-right
    Tan Yu Xuan
    ATM Cohort 2020
    quote-left DCIM prepares our graduates to excel in the digital future, and we have an amazing and caring faculty team! quote-right
    Jiow Hee Jhee
    Associate Professor
    quote-left SIT has a very nurturing environment. It is different from other Universities because it values applied learning and works very closely with the industry to bring relevant and pragmatic knowledge to the students. Coming from the industry to join as a Faculty, I feel my experiences and skillsets are valued and put to good use here. quote-right
    Angela Ng
    Senior Lecturer
    quote-left DCIM provides students with various spheres of specialisations that not only piques their interests but is also sought after by today's industry. This course has given me the opportunity to learn the relevant skillsets for the comms industry with a hands-on approach, and even helped me make good connections along the way! quote-right
    Belynda Wong
    Year 2
    quote-left The ability to dabble in a large variety of topics that range from data analysis to production makes DCIM a course that’s sufficient to prepare anyone for anything the media and communications world might throw at you! With opportunities to expand my knowledge and also delve creatively into various fields of interest, I feel ready to tackle the integrated work study programme before joining the industry in the future! quote-right
    Marian Govin
    Year 2
    quote-left Fuel your passion for hospitality! If you commit your three years to HB program at SIT, you will be transformed to be a future leader of the hospitality industry all across the globe. quote-right
    Bona Kim
    Assistant Professor
    quote-left It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” – Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels. At Hospitality Business, let your passion for hospitality soar on wings of knowledge and experience, empowered by the comprehensive curriculum and industry internships. quote-right
    Brandon Chan
    Senior Lecturer
    quote-left HB has provided me with the opportunity to develop myself professionally and understand the importance of self-awareness and situational management to prepare for the future of work, and help me build my edge of differentiation to make a difference to the world and community around me. quote-right
    Edsel Li
    2021 Grad
    quote-left Hospitality Business provides students with the soft and hard skills required to excel in the customer-centric industry. With a core around hospitality, I was able to apply relevant skills through projects and internships, which trained me to tackle and adapt to any challenges. quote-right
    Jansen Lim
    2021 Grad
    quote-left My time in the CIA has been everything I could have dreamt of. Classes are a good balance of hand on and theoretical work. And while the course is intense the community of supportive faculty and seniors are always around to lend a hand. quote-right
    Hilary Ye Zhan Shou,
    Year 2
    Culinary arts (2020)
    quote-left The CIA has provided me with a very dynamic education. The very interesting combination of modules ranging from Liberal Arts to Sciences, as well as engaging practical modules, drew me to the course. With this course, I have always been pushed to achieve excellence, and I am confident that I will be able to enter the industry and be a change maker with my knowledge and skills. quote-right
    Swathi Balasubramanian
    Year 1
    Baking and Pastry (2021)
    quote-left SIT’s partnership with the Culinary Institute of America has enabled me to specialise and build a strong foundation in Culinary Arts. The extensive coverage and hands-on practical lessons have also allowed me to hone my skills and build my confidence in the kitchen. quote-right
    Keisia Dominique Lim-Urquhart
    Year 1
    Culinary Arts (2021)
    quote-left CIA definitely played a big part to bring me to where I am today. It allowed me to build my culinary fundamentals and provided a platform for me to kickstart my career. With the vast network of over 50,000 alumni, it allowed me to have a professional connection and enabled me to begin my internship in the 3 Michelin star Restaurant, Eleven Madison Park in New York City. Thereafter, with years of hard work and perseverance, I am where I am now. quote-right
    Mark Tai
    ‘2013 Head Chef of Cloudstreet – Michelin Young Chef of the Year 2021
    quote-left Some alumni may say that the most valuable takeaway of the CIA degree was that it provided them with the relevant skills and discipline to be able to take on the challenges of the Food and Beverage Industry. Personally, for me, the CIA degree not only gave me the right skills, qualities, and discipline but it provided me with something far more valuable. It provided me with a multiverse network of alumnus, seniors and mentors from all different disciplines related to food and beverage who are all intertwined within one another. With all their wisdom and experiences, they have guided and navigated me through my culinary career. quote-right
    Chef Terence Chua
    ‘2014, Chef Owner South Union Park and Eleven Strands
    quote-left I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, Singapore in 2013, one of the renowned programme’s pioneer batch of students. Its rigorous training program prepared me for the real world, through the opportunity to work with its alumni and industry leaders. These included Chefs Wil Cox (Bar Boulud) and Ivan Brehm (Bacchanalia). Thanks to their tutelage and guidance, I was able to open my first restaurant, Meating Place, in 2018. quote-right
    Jerome Lim
    ‘2013 (Chef-Owner of Meating Place)
    quote-left CIA BBA in Food Business Management has opened many doors of opportunities for me – experiential learning in professional kitchens, and overseas exposure. The CIA alumni 50,000 strong provides a supportive network in the F&B industry.  In pursuit of my dreams in the culinary world, my enrolment in the CIA has equipped me with comprehensive knowledge on the whys on cooking as well as the hands-on training needed to succeed in the industry. The programme is reflective of the industry – rigorous and demanding but it is exactly what I need to establish myself in this field. It has led to vast and coveted opportunities for working overseas. I am very happy to have made the choice to enrol in CIA, Singapore. quote-right
    Siti Nur Aishah Binti Selamat
    quote-left Apart from the technical aspect of cooking and managing a business, the CIA was able to teach me how to become a better version of myself. Above everything I learned the importance of discipline, self-confidence, and respect for the craft. quote-right
    Hadi Mohamed
    ‘2019, Service Captain at Appetit, BBA Food Business Management
    quote-left My journey with Culinary Institute of America, has really been a rewarding one. It is filled with endless opportunities and connections not only locally but also internationally - which ultimately provides me with growth and development. It is definitely the perfect option for passionate individuals seeking knowledge and skills in this field of study! quote-right
    Nur’ Ainun Sorfiana Binte Mohd Jarir Jumaen
    quote-left My Degree from the CIA has helped me gain a competitive advantage in workforce, it has opened doors of international opportunities for me to grow and extend my culinary knowledge, and most importantly, it has connected me to the alumni family all around the world, looking out for each other. quote-right
    Ramsey Ho
    ‘2020, Chef de Partie, State Bird Provsions and The Progress, San Francisco, CA
    quote-left Knowledge and skills garnered here goes beyond just the kitchen.  It has allowed me to become a better version of who I was and enabled me to unleash my full potential to face the culinary world.” quote-right
    Renushri Katong Ravindran Pillay,
    quote-left Teaching at The Culinary Institute of America is an incredibly gratifying experience. Each day I am able to share my knowledge and skills to students who are eager to learn and share my passion for food. As we follow the cohort through the curriculum, we are able to target their specific needs to help them grow and excel. quote-right
    Chef Yvonne Ruperti,
    Baking and Pastry
    quote-left The most rewarding aspect of teaching and mentoring our students is to see how they develop into Chefs and individuals over the course of the curriculum, starting from the simplest tasks to the more difficult. For me being a good instructor and mentor to our students is about drawing out skills and talents they have never discovered about themselves. quote-right
    Chef Michael Sanson
    quote-left I have been teaching at CIA since 2015. While every batch of students is different in personality and abilities, they all share one thing in common: enthusiasm for learning. Even if the subjects are foreign and beyond the immediate experiences of the students, they never shy away from learning new things. It’s been a pleasure teaching at CIA because the students always bring with them their willingness to learn and creative perspectives which makes for a wonderful learning experience for everyone, including myself.  quote-right
    Professor Jaime Koh
    Phd, History and Cultures of Asia
    quote-left The University is one of the best according to my teaching experiences so far. You can see the level of professionalism of the institute from the way the students look and carry themselves in class. quote-right
    Professor Raj Kamal
    Phd, Survey of Math
    quote-left It’s a joy to engage CIA students in accounting. Batch after batch, they inspire me with their curiosity for numbers and an eagerness to apply the language of business in contexts which will serve them in their culinary professions ahead. quote-right
    Professor Chan Seet Meng
    MBA, Managerial Accounting
    quote-left Students at the CIA are a joy to teach. They are very keen and hands on learners with practical application of concepts. Due to their work experience, students are mature in their communication and able to work in teams. Since the program has been running successfully for several Years the procedures are clear and support for faculty is abundant. Overall teaching in the CIA program is an enriching experience for both students and faculty. quote-right
    Professor Sonal Manek
    Nutrition, MS Food and Nutrition

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