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Calling all SIT alumni! Support the One SITizen Fund today!

The One SITizen Fund supports financially disadvantaged students at SIT through the SIT Bursary. Your collective gifting will help level the playing field for deserving students and fuel them as they pursue their aspirations and transform their lives.

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    What is the SIT Bursary?

    The SIT Bursary (valued at $3,000 each) is one of the most accessible financial aid instruments at SIT that is open to financially disadvantaged students (Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) who come from households with a monthly per capita income of no more than $850.

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    Why should I give?

    Your gift will support deserving students who are most in need of financial aid and enable them to realise their fullest potential regardless of their financial situation.

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    What are some of the benefits of giving?

    Revenue contributors in Singapore will receive a 2.5 times tax deduction for gifts ($10 and above) made in calendar years 2022-2026.

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