Rapid Product Innovation & Development (RaPID) Centre 

As a specialised Product Development Facility for rapid product prototyping and sample production to support companies in pursuing innovation and value creation.

RaPID Centre aims to support companies including SMEs, Start-ups, Innovators and its industry-partners in leveraging on SIT’s applied research expertise in engineering and info-communication technologies and its pool of Professional Officers, and work-ready students to design and develop new products through iterative rapid prototyping and small batch production before scaling up for manufacturing.

The Heel Raise
The Heel Raise
The Contactless Elevator Button
The Contactless Elevator Button
The Gamified Arm Skate
The Gamified Arm Skate

Service Offering

Companies can work on or begin at any of these product development phases with flexibility:
  • Proof of Concept
  • Alpha Prototype
  • Beta Prototype
  • First Article
Rapid Product Innovation & Development (RaPID) Centre

Benefits to Companies

One-Stop Centre
  • Develop proof of concept or proof of value product at an affordable cost
  • Access to specialised equipment
Talent Pool
  • Multi-disciplinary academic staff with strong industry experience
  • Pool of work-ready students who have been trained in the industry under SIT distinctive Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)
  • Defer capital investments until product concepts are proven viable
  • Projects can enter at any stage of product development
Capability Development
  • Embark on relevant training programmes to level up Design Innovation and Prototyping competencies


For more information, please email RaPID@singaporetech.edu.sg