Student Wellness

SIT is committed to promoting a safe and supportive campus. Each student's well-being is important to us.

We offer a variety of initiatives, programmes, and resources that enable students to develop key life skills, as well as comprehensive support services that empower students to create and experience a rewarding university journey

Diversity & Inclusion


Iftar-Gather: WAU! Malay Cultural Society organised an Iftar-Gather to share the culture of Ramadan and traditions of how the Muslim community break fast.


Celebrating festive seasons together, organised by Diversity & Inclusion Advocates, students are committed to nurturing social cohesion on campus.


We invite all SIT students to join us in co-creating and safeguarding a safe, respectful, and inclusive campus community. We promote cultural and community values such as empathy, inclusion, and respect, through meaningful programmes and initiatives. Students can attend a variety of workshops and talks on topics that matter to them or sign up for intercultural dialogues and activities that nurture strong bonds and deepen our understanding of each other’s values, culture, and background.

The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Advocates Programme is a student peer engagement initiative that promotes inclusion and student well-being on campus. D&I Advocates play a vital role in co-creating and driving informative student engagements on community cohesion and well-being. These include talks/workshops, dialogues, festive celebrations, Diversity Day, and Wellness Week.

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Peer Supporters

peer supporters

Student peer supporters discussing strategies to support peers in need.


Active listening is a key skill that peer supporters learn to develop to build rapport with students.


The Peer Supporters Programme plays a crucial role in establishing a comprehensive support network for the SIT student community. It seeks to create a pathway of early intervention to address students’ wellbeing and enhance the knowledge of good mental health practices and resources amongst students.

Comprised of matriculated students from the SIT community, Peer Supporters undergo specialised training in mental health and receive ongoing guidance from professional counsellors at Student Life, SIT. Through this programme, Peer Supporters not only develop their own self-awareness, self-management, and relational skills but also provide a safe space for fellow students to discuss their experiences, thoughts, and emotions, while offering coping strategies.

Students can speak to a peer supporter and seek assistance, find comfort, and discover effective ways to navigate the challenges they face. Peer supporters will also share relevant mental health information and resources. Interested to find out more or to join us as a Peer Supporter? Email us at


Counselling for Students



Embark on a journey of self-discovery, enhance your well-being, and equip yourself with invaluable coping strategies to navigate the complexities of university life. Students can speak with our professional counsellors who are dedicated to supporting your mental health, and are available both on campus and through online channels.

Counselling is confidential and free for all SIT Students. Find us at Office of SITizen Experience, SIT@Dover, University Services Centre, Level 1.

To make an appointment, email

SIT 24-Hour Counselling Helpline
Tel: 6592 2030

Accessibility Support


Our commitment is to empower students with special needs to unlock their full potential and to actively participate in classes and activities. At SIT, we prioritise accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that our buildings and physical infrastructure comply with Singapore's Barrier-Free Accessibility code and enable every student to thrive and fully participate in their educational journey.

You can arrange for a consultation with Student Life to discuss access to campus facilities, psychological wellness, and financial assistance for Assistive Technology devices.

For more information, please email

Students are required to inform and declare any medication conditions/disabilities to the Registrar’s Office upon matriculation, prior to commencement of the first semester, so that SIT can work with students to prepare the necessary arrangements to optimise their learning experience. For more information on examination arrangements, please email or 6592 2091.

Laptop Support Scheme

Laptop Support Scheme

The Laptop Support Scheme was created with the purpose of assisting financially disadvantaged undergraduates at SIT who may lack the resources to own a laptop. This initiative serves as a valuable resource, enabling these students to access the necessary tools for their academic journey and empowering them to pursue their educational goals. Please email​ for more information.