Centre for Digital Enablement

The Centre for Digital Enablement (CoDE) drives and supports integrative digital frameworks and platforms within the Singapore Institute of Technology. We provide consultancy and developmental resources for potential Proof of Concept projects and upskill the digital competencies of our students and staff. 

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Digital Skills & IT Enrichment Framework (dSiTe)


To prepare for a smooth transition to digital workplaces of the future, SIT Digital Skills & IT Enrichment Framework (dSiTe) is a set of digital competencies co-created within SIT to guide and empower our students and staff



Digital Competency Essentials (DiCE)

As part of dSiTE, we have designed DiCE, a course module that will equip students with essential digital skills. DiCE comprises stackable micro modules that can be taken in any order without prerequisites. It includes topics such as digital information and data literacy, digital safety, ethics, data management, digital learning, and fundamental technical skills.

Digital Skills Resource Guide

All students and staff will have access to the Digital Skills Resource Guide, which provides additional resources for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge beyond DiCE.

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Digital Experience Space

Step inside our immersive, exploratory space and connect with a wide range of new and emerging technologies. Take a virtual reality tour, build mini holograms, or try programming moving objects – these are just some of the unique learning experiences visitors can engage in.

Campus as a Living Lab (CALL)

Campus as a Living Lab (CALL)

CALL leads our university’s efforts in enhancing the symbiosis between applied learning and research for SIT and its partners.


Beyond The Screen
Ideation Challenge

Digital screens can be found all around us. Do you have an idea of how they can better engage audiences or connect individuals and build communities? Here’s your chance to shape the future of communication and transform how we connect with others!

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