Innovating Sustainable Futures: Mapletree Challenge 2024

This year’s Mapletree Challenge continues to motivate students to become proactive change-makers, leveraging innovation to generate value.

Mapletree Empowers Aspiring Innovators with Fifth Year of Support for The Mapletree Challenge

3 May 2024

The ‘Green’ Passage Towards Maritime Decarbonisation

30 Apr 2024

From Lab to Medicine Cabinet: Pharmaceutical Sector's Unsung Heroes

13 Feb 2024

Welcome to the Food, Chemical and Biotechnology Cluster

The food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries are key growth areas of Singapore’s economy. More importantly, the products from these industries are central to modern society. Our mission is to support the continued development and sustainable success of these industries by educating current and future industry professionals as well as working closely with companies on transformative research. At the core of our capabilities are world-class knowledge and professional experience in food technology, chemical engineering, and biotechnology. By linking those and our excellent resources to real-world challenges and opportunities. we can provide outstanding learning opportunities for the next generation and improve made in Singapore products and processes.

Among the challenges we address through teaching and research are: sustainability, product and process innovation, and opportunities that come from the applications of digitalisation and biotechnology.

Take your time to browse through our website. Do get in touch if you have questions or comments. We would love to hear from you and share about our work.