We offer programmes in Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Food Technology, where we scaffold specialist training onto fundamental grounding to endow you with practical
knowledge that is built on the rudiments of the discipline.

Our unique pedagogy, coupled with an industry-centric curriculum, will give SIT graduates a competitive edge in the job market. You will be able to apply your integrated knowledge in science, technology, and engineering to develop and improve products and processes in a sustainable way, without compromising the environment or safety.

Our programmes will equip you with a range of specialist and transferable skills that will enable you to thrive in careers that contribute towards the sustainable production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food. You will be able to join cutting-edge industries that address energy and food security challenges. Your education at SIT will ensure that you are well-placed to develop innovative solutions that will meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs.

Through SIT’s Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), you will get the opportunity to contextualise your classroom learning to conceptualise and develop industry solutions. Our programmes are designed to help you integrate theoretical knowledge with industry-relevant skills.

We also offer Master's and PhD programmes for students who are interested to pursue postgraduate studies.

Explore FCB Programmes

The current programmes taught by the FCB cluster are:

    1. Chemical Engineering
      Chemical Engineering
    2. Food Technology
      Food Technology
    3. Pharmaceutical Engineering
      Pharmaceutical Engineering

    By Coursework

    Tailored for working professionals looking to obtain Professional/Chartered Engineer certification, you will develop deep knowledge and skills of relevance to the industry. Our programmes facilitate credit mobility among the European Union universities.

    1. Master of Science Chemical Engineering
      Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

    By Research

    SIT offers Industrial Masters and Industrial Doctorate research-based programmes for mid-career professionals to deepen their specialist knowledge at the postgraduate level, without leaving their careers.

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    1. Doctor of Engineering
      Doctor of Engineering
    2. Master of Engineering
      Master of Engineering