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Class of 2023: Make Your Impact Today!

Make a gift during your last year as an undergraduate student to commemorate your learning experience at SIT – and to nurture your juniors!

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What You Can Support

Student Excellence

Encourage and enable our students to excel in academics, leadership, or community building through bond-free scholarships and performance awards. Your support will inspire them to push boundaries and reach greater heights.

The generosity of our donors makes it possible for our SIT students to be nurtured through bond-free scholarships and performance awards (such as Book Prizes, Gold Medals, and Outstanding Student Awards).

To find out more, contact us at:
 6592 2009

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Student Financial Aid

Thanks to our donors, students at SIT are being enabled to realise their dreams of becoming degreed professionals with reduced financial hindrances. Student financial aid instruments such as bursaries, study grants, or emergency grants level the playing field for financially hamstrung students, allowing them to reap the full benefits of available learning opportunities and make the most of their studies.

Join our donors who have made possible these Bursaries/Study Grants and Emergency Funds to nurture students at SIT.

Click here for more information on the Student Relief Fund @ SIT (COVID-19).

To find out more, contact us at:
 6592 2009

support financial aid

Applied Research and Academic Initiatives

Applied Research at SIT serves to strengthen applied learning and drive industry innovation and transformation.  Our applied research encompasses translational research and innovation that bridges knowledge discovery and application. To support applied research and academic initiatives at SIT is to support our young university in tackling challenges of national importance – such as those in  Community Health Transformation, Sustainable Food Innovation, Energy Resilience, and Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering & Maintenance.

To find out more, contact us at:
 6592 2007

Support Applied Research and Academic Initiatives

Professorships and Fellowships

Your generous giving to support a Professorship/Fellowship will allow SIT to appoint talented faculty members who are thought leaders in their respective fields and provide our students with transformative learning experiences.

To find out more, contact us at:
 6592 2007

Support Professorships and Fellowships

SIT’s Future Campus at Punggol

Scheduled for completion in 2024, our permanent campus is designed as a key element of our nation’s new Punggol Digital District (PDD). The District itself will be the first in Singapore to adopt an integrated master plan, bringing together JTC Corporation (JTC)’s business park buildings, SIT and some community facilities that will be open to Punggol residents.

SIT’s future campus in Punggol will be a smart and green campus that is fully integrated with the surrounding community, as well as the innovative industry cluster to be built by JTC – so that our students and faculty will have easy access to both industry and community, and vice versa.

To find out more on gift opportunities available to support our future campus in Punggol, please contact:

Alan Poh
Assistant Director, Advancement & Alumni Division
 6592 2007

The view of SIT’s future campus in Punggol from Coney Island. The smart and green campus is designed to be a living lab and faces the waterfront. 

Alumni Giving

Calling the Class of 2023: Support your juniors and inspire your fellow SITizens!

Help grow the culture of Class Giving at SIT by making a collective gift to support your juniors!

As you celebrate the completion of your undergraduate studies, why not consider making a gift of $23 to commemorate your year of graduation? Your donation will go towards the SIT Bursary to support financially disadvantaged students at our university. The collective giving by the Class of 2023 will send a strong and inspiring message of support to your juniors, as well as SIT’s donors and friends.

Come together on this journey of giving!

To find out more, contact SIT Alumni Giving at:

Class Giving 2023

Faculty & Staff Giving

Since 2015, SIT’s faculty and staff have been supporting our students beyond what they already do in their daily work. Through the Faculty & Staff Giving initiative, their generous collective giving has made possible critical student-centric initiatives such as the SIT Bursary, one of the most accessible financial aid instruments at our university, as well as AdventureLearn, a holistic student development platform.

Each year, generous giving by SIT faculty and staff has nurtured our young SITizens, enabling them to make the most of their education at SIT with fewer financial hindrances. To find out more about Faculty & Staff Giving, please click here. For staff, giving forms are available here.

For more details on Faculty & Staff Giving, please contact:

Foong Sheng-Wei
 6592 4983

Faculty & Staff Giving

Here are some snapshots of the roadshows from previous years:

FSG Roadshow 2022
FSG Roadshow 2022
FSG Roadshow 2022
FSG Roadshow 2022
FSG Roadshow 2022
FSG Roadshow 2022

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Revenue contributors in Singapore will receive a 2.5 times tax deduction for gifts made in calendar years 2022-2023. Tax deductibility can be utilised over a period of five years. To find out more, contact us at:

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