Centre for Infrastructure and
Tunnel Engineering 

Building Industry Competency and Competitiveness in Infrastructure and Tunnel Engineering

Established in partnership with Land Transport Authority (LTA), the Centre for Infrastructure and Tunnel Engineering (CITE) will serve as a platform for the civil engineering community to exchange and deepen their knowledge and skill sets in this field. The Centre will also conduct and facilitate applied research to augment safety standards in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of tunnels, and other civil engineering infrastructure. 


What We Do

  • Advance the adoption of technology for transport infrastructure development including both aboveground and underground infrastructural works such as bridges, tunnels, substructures and underground structures in design, construction and maintenance.

  • Uplift knowledge and competencies in civil engineering.

  • Build an ecosystem to nurture young engineers and enable practising engineers to upgrade their skills in transport infrastructure & tunnel engineering.





TE1 – Geology of Singapore and Tunnel Design

This is the first module of a three-module course that prepares candidates for the Specialist Registration Examination in Tunnel Engineering.

Registration closing date: 13 Sep 2023


TE1 - Geology of Singapore and Tunnel Design (Exam-Only Pathway)

This exam-only pathway is required for engineers looking to register as a Specialist Professional in Tunnelling Engineering.

Registration closing date: 30 Oct 2023

Our Expertise

Engaging in Applied R&D
  • Design Innovation

  • Infrastructure Construction
    • Technology Innovation
    • Safety & Productivity

  • Infrastructure Maintenance
    • Automated Defects Detection
    • Structural Health Monitoring
    • Repairs and Rehabilitation
Professional Development

Recognised professional courses that provide specialised knowledge and skills:

  • Certification Course for Specialist Professional Engineer (Tunnelling)

Solving Industry Design & Construction Problems

Industry often encounters problems during project design, execution and maintenance phases.

CITE can provide a third-party view by approaching the problems with a mix of practical experience and depth of fundamental knowledge.

Industry Knowledge Base

Build up a repository of knowledge for design, construction and maintenance solutions, by analysing industry experiences and distil learning points. Update industry practitioners by publishing guides or advisory notes.

Industry Networking
  • Build professional links between academia, agencies, developers, consultants, contractors and other industry professionals.
  • Conferences and seminars to share knowledge and experience
  • Workshops to discuss issues of common interest


Past Events

CITE Industry Engagement Workshop

The first CITE Industry Engagement Workshop was successfully convened on 24 June 2022.

The workshop brings together stakeholders from industry, and agencies to discuss on the key focus areas in the infrastructure and tunnel engineering sector.

The positive synergy between the groups help formulate strategies and set directions for the future in meeting challenges of ever-evolving infrastructure and tunnel developments.

Cite- workshop

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