We offer a wide array of modern facilities to provide you with comfort and convenience in your journey with us. From gym facilities to one-stop Student Services Centres and cosy lounges, we put your holistic wellness and community building needs at the heart of our facilities. 

Student Services Centres

Our physical SSCs are currently unmanned under Safe Management Measures and we have moved our services online. Please email your enquiries to ACDPRG@SingaporeTech.edu.sg. Thank you.

The SIT Student Services Centres (SSCs) aim to improve students' experience by providing a large range of services to SIT students and alumni through personal consultation on all student administrative matters. With one SSC located at SIT@Dover and every SIT@Poly Building, the SSCs serve as a convenient contact point for you to obtain information and services related to academic/administrative student records, fees, and financial matters.

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    Application and Submission
    • Submission of documents, required for the Overseas Immersion Programmes (OIP)

    • Submission of application forms and supporting documents, for the application of Financial Assistance and Scholarships

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    • Payment of all fees
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    • Collection of Matriculation card

    • Collection of Tertiary Student Concession Card

    • Collection of T-shirts, prizes, certificates, etc

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    General Services and other enquiries
    • Requests for Career Counselling

    • Enquiries on Internships and Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)

    • Replacement of lost/damaged matriculation card

    • Requests for Record of Achievement (ROA), (applicable to alumni)

    • Requests for Counselling Services

    • Application of Student Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

SSCs are located at SIT@Dover and SIT@Poly Buildings:

  • SSC@Dover (Level 1, Faculty Hall, SIT@Dover)

  • SSC@NP (Level 9, SIT@NP Building)

  • SSC@SP (Level 6, SIT@SP Building)

  • SSC@TP (Level 5, SIT@TP Building)

  • SSC@NYP (Level 7, SIT@NYP Building)

  • SSC@RP (Level 9, SIT@RP Building)

Operating hours for the SSCs:

11:00 am to 3:00 pm (Monday – Friday)
The SSCs will be closed on Saturday, Sunday, as well as Public Holidays.



As an e-preferred library, 99% of the resources are available online anytime and anywhere. Explore SIT's subscribed resources via the OneSearch portal or use the self-help Subject Guides that are specially tailored to help students develop information literacy skills and discover quality resources that are relevant to their courses.

Gym, Studios, Club Rooms


Work up a sweat, dance, or play in any of our club and studio rooms available for booking for various activities. Our gyms cater to different kinds of exercises from strength training to callisthenics movement. We also have dance studios and various club rooms for a variety of activities.

Where to Eat


You will be spoilt for choice at any one of the food courts at the various campuses. Explore the different options and get to know all the choices available from local to international cuisine.

Lounges & Pantries

SIT@SP_Student Lounge

We all need places where we can chill out and unwind. SIT houses various lounges that come well-stocked with all the comforts any student could ask for. Play games, hang out with your friends or even make some new ones. Community is at the heart of our facilities.