The Community Leadership And Social Innovation Centre (CLASIC) supports the university's service-learning or social innovation projects related to the community. 

We are a one-stop centre that curates, optimises and tracks community initiatives and projects across the Singapore Institute of Technology. You will benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge, expertise and skills of our faculty, students and staff across different academic clusters.

Benefits of community projects

  • Enhancing the quality of life of beneficiaries
  • Giving back to the community by students and faculty 
  • Increasing students' understanding of societal needs 
  • Complement faculty expertise and their professional practice

Our vision

The vision of the Centre is to become the partner of choice for industry and community partners and to help SIT be the partner of choice among the institutes of higher learning when it comes to community-related projects and initiatives. 

What we do

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    Incorporate social context elements into the university's programme curricula

    Coordinate and monitor the inclusion of social context elements into our program curricula: From 2023, all of our SIT degree programs will have social context elements incorporated, whether through the inclusion of the 'Singapore: Imagining the Next 50 Years' module, the new ‘Change Management’ module in order to fulfil our university graduation requirements.

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    Curate community-related projects tapping faculty's expertise and students' involvement
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    Connect you to SIT's workplace learning and training

    If you are looking to enhance or improve on work processes or organisational efficacy, we can connect you to the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning at SIT for the workplace learning and training workshops.

Current projects

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

Collaboration with Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH)

Providing solutions for KWSH's new nursing home in Potong Pasir to increase accessibility to assistance and information.

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AMK Senior Corner

A Study and Redesign of a Seniors’ Corner: Exploring Community Space in Aging Neighbourhoods (Ang Mo Kio)

Creating a communal space that facilitates community bonding and socialisation.

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Young Engineers Space Program

The YES!Program (Young Engineers’ Space Program)

Enriching service-learning environment for SIT’s undergraduates who inspires secondary school students to take up STEM. 

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Our team

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim (Professor)
Director, Community Leadership And Social Innovation Centre (CLASIC)

Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar (Assistant Professor) 
Deputy Director, Community Leadership And Social Innovation Centre (CLASIC)

Mr Dan Chia
Assistant Director, Community Leadership and Social Innovation Centre (CLASIC)

Lee Mui Hoon 
Senior Assistant Manager, Community Leadership And Social Innovation Centre (CLASIC)

Get in touch

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