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The Health and Social Sciences cluster (HSS) at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) offers curated undergraduate programmes to educate, train, and nurture students to become competent and dedicated healthcare professionals. By 2030, the number of older people aged 65 and above is projected to increase from 582,000 today to more than 900,000, and comprise 20% of the population. An ageing society would mean a greater need for healthcare services and providers. SIT-HSS graduates can look forward to fulfilling careers, impacting the lives of individuals and communities in hospitals, polyclinics, specialist centres, intermediate and long-term care facilities, schools, and social care sectors.

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MOTIVATE: Empowering Stroke Survivors to Stay Physically Active

Co-designed with stroke survivors, MOTIVATE is a multisector collaborative initiative for stroke recovery led by the Singapore Institute of Technology

Recovering Well: The Art and Science of Physiotherapy

28 Jul 2023

Helping Mental Health Patients Lead Meaningful Lives

23 Jun 2023

Wrestlers Who Are Tenacious in Healing Others

20 Jun 2023

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Guide for Teachers: Children with Developmental Stuttering

Developed by our students from the Speech Therapy programme, this e-booklet for teachers provides tips and strategies in supporting children with developmental stuttering.

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