Staying safe in COVID-19 pandemic

26 March 2021

SIT answers your burning questions on Covid-19 and brings you useful health advice on related topics. 

Minimise Risk of Exposure to COVID-19

What should we do if we experience symptoms after being at a place visited by a COVID-19 patient? Is temperature screening even needed when many reported cases do not display any symptoms, such as fever? Asst Prof Muhammad Rahizan Zainuldin, Health and Social Sciences, SIT, answers these questions and more, in this Q&A video.   

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The COVID-19 vaccine has been a hot topic for discussion. You've probably heard, through word-of-mouth, that perhaps a vaccine made in Asia could be more suitable for Asians, or that the current vaccines would not be effective against new variants of COVID-19. Jade Soh, Senior Lecturer, Health and Social Sciences, answers these questions and more in this video Q&A.


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Note: Information is accurate as at date of publish (Mar 2021).