Creating Value in Experiential Learning

SIT HSS offers a myriad of well-curated undergraduates programmes that focus on applied learning. Students can gain hands-on experience in university classes and real-world applications in a clinical context. The curriculum is designed with academic rigour to meet the strict requirements of accreditation bodies. These are always updated, so they remain relevant to current clinical practice. Our teaching methods are technology-embedded and change-focused to rapidly adapt to the evolving clinical knowledge and practices. To better prepare the students for the future, we advocate inter-professional interactions to foster effective teamwork in the healthcare sector and nurture our undergraduates to develop global perspectives. SIT-HSS strives to prepare students to be independent and industry-ready by the time they graduate.

Besides regular lectures, seminars, and tutorials, other learning methods such as tech-enhanced learning, service learning, team-based learning, simulation-based learning, and experiential learning may be incorporated within the lessons. Practical lessons enable students to pick up hands-on clinical skills in a safe environment. Students may also get to deliver programmes in the community, interact with standardised patients, develop health-related materials for social media, etc. Such learning opportunities equip students with a comprehensive set of skills to practise as healthcare professionals and inculcates a mindset of service to society. All allied health students also undergo compulsory Clinical Practice Education (CPE) across various clinical settings. Such clinical placements prepare them for real-world clinical and inter-professional practice.

Applied Learning Research Publications

By Health and Social Sciences Academic Staff

Eight tips for inclusion of persons with disabilities as standardised patients

The Asian Pacific Scholar, 2020
Sok Mui May Lim; Zi An Galvyn Goh; Bhing Leet Tan

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Occupational Therapy Students’ Experiences of Team-Based Learning: A Multiyear Study

Journal of Occupational Therapy Education, 2021
Bhing-Leet Tan; I-Ling Yeh; Phyllis Liang.

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Teaching Physiotherapy Students Physical Examination Skills by Using Photogrammetry

Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 2021
Lo, Chi Ngai; Abdelkader, Tarek; Choi, Yik Ming; Goff, Anthony James; Suresh, Krishnasamy; Carpio, Guiller Augustin Cea; Soon, Benjamin.

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