Our Directors' Message

Professor Alan Wong

Professor Alan Wong
Cluster Director, Health and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Health and Social Sciences Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Since 2012, SIT, the university of applied sciences in Singapore, has been at the forefront of allied health education and research, working closely with our clinical partners from the public, private and community sectors. The Health and Social Sciences Cluster was formally established in 2015. The first entry-level allied health undergraduate programmes in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography and Radiation Therapy were launched in 2016. The post-registration undergraduate Nursing programme has been offered since 2011. 

We recognize that patient-centered interprofessional collaborations in healthcare positively impact health and social outcomes, with improvement in functional status and social participation. So a key feature of the Cluster is its interprofessional character, with faculty and students aiming to forge interdisciplinary collaborations in education and research.

Partnership with our clinical colleagues is the cornerstone of these interprofessional collaborations. We work closely with our clinical partners in creating dynamic curricula that meet current and future healthcare needs in Singapore. We also collaborate with our partners in clinical research that considers patients’ perspectives, innovates practice, sharpens assessments and makes interventions more effective. Our shared vision is that such academic-clinical partnership will create new knowledge and improve patient outcomes. 

Our Cluster’s research strategic thrusts are in community rehabilitation and healthy ageing, which leverage on the capabilities and strengths of the faculty, our strong collaborations with the other academic clusters including Engineering, Infocomm Technology and Business, Communication and Design, as well as our alliance with clinical partners. With external funding, we hope that our applied research and innovation will create impact nationally and internationally. 

We invite you to visit our website and consider partnership with a vibrant and forward-looking team at the Health and Social Sciences.

Associate Professor Tan Bhing Leet

Associate Professor Bhing Leet Tan 
Director of Programmes, Health and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Health and Social Sciences (HSS) homepage!

SIT is the only autonomous university that offers local undergraduate pre-registration degree programmes in Diagnostic Radiography, Dietetics and Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. These programmes are developed in consultation with senior clinicians in healthcare and community care sectors, as well as with professional associations. Besides that, SIT also partners with the University of Glasgow to jointly offer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is a two-year post-registration honours degree programme that builds on the foundation acquired from Nursing diploma studies. SIT’s rigorous and up-to-date curricula ensure that graduates are equipped with the competencies, skills and attitudes required to practise as effective healthcare professionals. Our degree programmes are accredited with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB).   

A variety of teaching methods are adopted at SIT Health and Social Sciences cluster. The pedagogy is customised to the content that is taught. Flipped classroom methods such as team-based learning, problem-based learning may be used to emphasise pre-class learning, in-class application of knowledge and integration of knowledge to cases, while promoting skills of inquiry. Group projects and service learning provide opportunities for students to work with peers and contribute to the community. Practical sessions are conducted not only on campus, but also in simulated settings as well as in therapy clinics. Such exposure allows students to learn within an authentic environment and prepares them for clinical placements. All allied health students need to undertake around 1200 hours of clinical practice education (CPE) across various clinical settings. Such clinical placements prepare them for the real-world clinical and inter-professional practice. Finally, all healthcare students will also complete an honours thesis, to consolidate their clinical and research skills.  

The SIT Nursing and Allied Health programmes are delivered by SIT faculty, experienced healthcare professionals and overseas academic visitors. Our academic staff are deeply passionate about nurturing the next generation of nurses and allied health professionals. We welcome collaborations with healthcare and academic institutions to advance our healthcare education and research!