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Adopting a user-centric model, Design Factory@SIT (DF@SIT) seeks to support industry partners through collaborative innovation projects, thereby creating authentic interdisciplinary and collaborative learning opportunities for students, and enhance the workplace learning continuum.

As a member of the Design Factory Global Network, DF@SIT will collaborate with a network of innovation hubs in universities and research organisations across five continents in the world, across cultures, time zones and organisational boundaries to foster radical innovations. DF@SIT seeks to help students, academic staff and companies employ design-led innovation tools to pilot ideas and build roadmaps for the changing marketplace.


To help businesses unlock their value by embracing disruption and championing design innovation thinking through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Enable businesses to  move up the innovation value chain  by harnessing our network of talent and capabilities.


Our Approach

We guide businesses to find unique value propositions in new business models, products and services through a multi-disciplinary co-creation approach in design innovation and experimentation.

Our Services



DF@SIT provides design consultancy, needs-finding, project scoping, co-creation and industry mentorship for pre-startup projects, strategy development and business planning, anchored on the Design Thinking Methodology.

We also offer 3-year collaboration agreements with companies. These joint collaborations provide a platform for substantial, meaningful pathways that offer thematic areas to ensure a pipeline of projects that SIT students and staff from partner organisations can work on. These could include proof-of-concept or capstone projects. The structured collaboration across three years aims to deliver downstream application outcomes and be known in the broader ecosystem.



DF@SIT brings together businesses and institutions from Singapore and across the Design Factory Global Network, to develop collaborative real-world projects for advancing applied learning and applied research through a passion-based culture and effective problem solving.

This includes:

  • University-level interdisciplinary common module
  • Student-led initiatives aligned with e2ei framework


DF@SIT offers a selection of workshops, SSG SkillsFuture courses, and modules for students, industry and individuals interested in different design disciplines, design innovation, ideation, and prototyping.

We offer:

  • User-centric Design Innovation CETs
  • DesignPlus Masterclasses

Our Workshops

introduction to circularity

Introduction to Circularity

Introduction to Circularity is a primer on Circularity for people who are interested in sustainability and the Circular Economy. This 1-day basic course focuses on Circularity (also known as Circular Economy). The overview of Circularity covers key concepts, principles, and examples.


Sustainable and Healthy Interiors (Basic)

This basic course is designed to enable fellow interior designers and contractors to understand the fundamentals of sustainable and healthy interior design, specifically for Singapore homes. Materials shared in the basic tier are designed to be easily understandable and applicable for industry partners who might have minimal experience within the interior design industry.



How Higher Learning Institutions Are Transforming Industries through Design Thinking

Design innovation leaders from Design Factory@Singapore Institute of Technology (DF@SIT) explain the importance of design thinking and how tertiary education institutions have become key partners in nurturing talent and collaborating with a range of organisations.


Ideate with Design Thinking

Design Factory@SIT’s mission is to use design tools to foster a vibrant marketplace underscored by three prongs: innovation, talent, and network. Working across disciplines, find out how our faculty and students prototyped an ankle brace, a timely solution to help hospitals address the treatment of foot and ankle injuries.


Powering Interior Design with AI

SIT partners with Sixides to translate interior design ideas into visual recommendations and industry-standard quotations by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our Team

Agnes Xue, PhD

Associate Professor,
Business, Communication and Design
Design Factory

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Choo Jian Huei, PhD

Associate Professor,
Deputy Head,
Design Factory

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Scott Jones

Senior Lecturer
Infocomm Technology
Deputy Head,
Design Factory

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Matthew Lim

Creative Technologist
Design Factory

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Loh Zhide

Creative Technologist
Design Factory

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Desmond Chong, PhD

Associate Professor

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Mark Teo

Assistant Professor
Business, Communication and Design

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Joshua Tze

Professional Officer
Food, Chemical
and Biotechnology

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Jeffrey Koh, PhD

Associate Faculty
Business, Communication and Design
Director of Strategic Ventures, Partner,

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Tan Eng Lee, PhD

Industry Advisor
Head, Business and Industry Development, A*STAR.

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Our Clients

Our diverse projects provide insights into how people live, work and play. From project experience in design thinking, human-centred design and organisational change in areas such as healthcare and retail, we learn from adjacent industries and apply these insights for our clients.

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About Design Factory Global Network

Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) is a network of innovation hubs in universities and research organisations in five continents of the world. DFGN is on a mission to create change in the world of learning and research through passion-based culture and effective problem solving. Shared understanding and common ways of working enable Design Factories in the network to collaborate efficiently across cultures, time zones and organisational boundaries fostering radical innovations. At DF@SIT, we provide a range of opportunities for our faculty, students, and industry collaborators, to participate in joint-projects, conferences, and internships with the rest of the Design Factories from the Global Network


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