Programme Overview

BSc (Hons)
Singapore Institute of Technology
3 years
Total credits
Application period
10 January to 19 March 2024
Next intake
Campus location
SIT@NYP Building

The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Digital Supply Chain is a three-year direct honours, interdisciplinary supply chain degree programme with the across domains of ICT, Engineering, and Supply Chain Management.

Digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0 and national digitalisation initiatives, has given rise to demand for DSC graduates. E-commerce and COVID-19 have disrupted traditional supply chains, accentuating the need for digital transformation.

Supply chain and logistics companies are increasingly adopting new technologies and developing new capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and robotics as part of the transformation efforts.

You will possess a competitive advantage given that supply chain and logistics business models and operations are fast evolving with emerging digital technologies. You will acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in three focus areas:

  • Supply Chain Management will equip you with knowledge and skill sets in designing digital supply chain solutions.

  • ICT  forms the bedrock of foundational computer science and software engineering is essential for mastery of digital skills.

  • System and Engineering will equip you with knowledge and skill sets in conducting systems modelling, simulation, and managing the digital supply chain integration projects.

Upon graduation, you will take on technical roles in digital transformation, Industry 4.0, systems and solutions development, and systems and project management in the public or private sectors, or embark on further postgraduate study and join research institutions or academia.

Programme Highlights

  • Supply Chain 4.0
  • Supply Chain Solutions Design 
  • E-commerce Logistics
  • Cyber-physical Digital Twins in Supply Chain
  • Industrial Internet of Things and Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Capstone Project
  • Eight-month Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP)
Digital Supply Chain

Industry Partnership

With the aim of growing graduates highly valued by the industry, a tight nexus has been forged between the curriculum offered by SIT and the specific skills needed by the industry. SIT works closely with our industry partners to ensure our students develop professional competencies through the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), industry capstone projects, and applied research projects.

Through the established partnerships, students can look forward to gaining work attachment, capstone project collaboration and networking opportunities with SLA’s pool of more than 600 members, leading regional supply chain management provider YCH, and premier supply chain technology solutions provider Y3 Technologies.

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Integrated Work Study Programme

As part of applied learning, SIT offers extended work placements. Students will undertake an eight-month Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) with a company. You will learn to integrate theories through practice, acquire industry knowledge and develop professional skills in a real-world environment. IWSP provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the placement company’s business and culture. The practical experience will allow students to smoothly transit into a career upon graduation.

Term-In Term-Out (TITO)

The TITO pathway allows students to alternate their time between the university and the workplace every year. At the end of their undergraduate studies, students would effectively have spent nearly half of their time learning in authentic industry settings without extending the duration of their degree programme. The TITO pathway exemplifies the foundation of our applied learning pedagogy, which is ‘learning by doing’, and we believe that this will give students a stronger head-start to the working world by exposing them to the latest industry developments, business intricacies and work cultures.

Career Options

  • Supply Chain Solutions Engineer
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Engineer
  • Business Process Analyst

Programme Structure (AY2024/25)*

  1. Core Modules
    (153 Credits)
  2. Elective Modules
    (12 Credits)
  3. University Modules
    (15 Credits)
Module Title Credits
Mathematics 1 6
Mathematics 2 6
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management 6
Programming Fundamentals 6
Introduction to Computer Systems 6
Business Accounting 6
Web Systems and Technologies 6
Object-Oriented Programming 6
Supply Chain 4.0 (Integrated Workplace Learning 1) 6
Supply Chain Operations (Integrated Workplace Learning 2) 9
Demand and Inventory Planning 6
Introduction to Software Engineering 6
Cyber Security Fundamentals 6
Systems and Project Management 6
Supply Chain Solutions Design 6
E-Commerce Logistics 6
Systems Modelling and Simulation 6
Operations Research and Risk Management 6
Industrial Internet of Things and Data Analytics 6
Machine Learning 6
Integrated Work Study Programme 20
Capstone Project 10

* The programme structure is subject to change without prior notice. SIT regularly reviews its curriculum to ensure that it remains industry-relevant and prepares our students for the evolving needs of industry.

Eligibility and Exemption

Diploma holders from any of the five local polytechnics, A-Level / IB Diploma graduates, and holders of equivalent Year 12 qualifications are welcome to apply.

Applicants with a strong proficiency and interest in Computing, Supply Chain, and Logistics are encouraged to apply.

A-Levels / IB Diploma Prerequisites
Obtained a good pass in any two of the following H1/H2 or SL/HL subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computing, or Computer Science.

Module Exemptions
Subject to approval, diploma applicants may be granted module exemptions, based on the modules taken during their diploma.

Fees and Finances

    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $22,500.00 for SG Citizens / $98,689.00 Non-subsidised fees.
    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $47,160.00 for Permanent Resident / $98,689.00 Non-subsidised fees.
    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $64,746.00 for International Student / $98,689.00 Non-subsidised fees.

    Industry Advisory Committee

    The members of the Industry Advisory Committee for this programme are:

    Mr Richard Lim Cherng Yih (Chairman)
    ST Logistics Pte Ltd
    Mr Hong Ching Chung
    Operations Director
    Venture Corporation Ltd
    Ms Fiona Fong Su Yin
    Regional (APEC) HR Senior Director
    DHL Express
    Ms Ho Ghim Siew
    CEO, Products
    Mr Loganathan Ramasamy
    Chief Executive Officer
    ST Logistics Pte Ltd
    Mr Chang Pin Chuan
    Senior Vice President, Homeland Security & Public Sector
    ST Logistics Pte Ltd
    Mr Wong Kwang Yong
    Senior Supply Chain Director
    Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd