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SIT professors are using technology to improve working conditions for those who work under the sun.

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3 Jul 2024

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19 Jun 2024

Why Pursue Engineering at SIT

Applied Learning Pedagogy

Applied learning requires active learning. Learning at SIT is reinforced through a range of learning techniques such as experiential learning, flipped classrooms, problem-based learning with real-industry context, gamification, and sharing sessions by experienced industry players. With the technical skills and knowledge attained, students can apply what they have learnt to actual work situations in the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP).

The IWSP is a compulsory component for students in SIT-conferred and joint degree programmes. In IWSP, students spend eight to 12 months working and studying. The extended period enables students to participate in projects with longer timeframe and make significant contributions to the company. IWSP gives SIT students a firm head-start in the working world, by exposing them to the latest industry developments, business intricacies and work cultures. The work-study continuum also helps undergraduates transit to their future jobs with lesser effort and greater success.

Specialist and Transferable Skills

Students are trained to become deep specialists in their respective engineering disciplines. Skill sets including critical problem-solving, decision making, project management and communication skills, acquired in both the classroom and industry are transferable across industries as they are highly valued by employers everywhere.

Symbiotic Relationship with Industry

Our engineering programmes at SIT have been developed through extensive consultation with the industry, thus creating a curriculum that supports the industry’s needs in manpower development and innovation.

Career Progression Opportunities

Specialised and industry-focused engineering education at SIT will enhance students’ adaptability and employability, as they contribute to the future-proofing of Singapore’s economy.

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