Complementing SIT’s applied learning approach is our applied research that focuses on creating solutions for contemporary issues, and implementing them in industry settings.

SIT focuses on working with the industry on translational research and innovation, spanning technology readiness levels (TRLs) 3-7. Unlike traditional research which is discovery-oriented, applied research projects have higher TRLs which bridge the gap between theoretical research and industry applications.

The applied research efforts of the Engineering cluster are centred around the following pillars:

1. Infrastructure (Maintenance Focus)

Our applied research in infrastructure aims to develop and maintain an intelligent, resilient, and sustainable rail, marine and air transportation network to meet the long-term needs of Singapore.

The purpose is to realise the optimal life-cycle asset values of the infrastructure - both new and existing - while meeting their expected operational requirements. Areas of focus include resilient infrastructure, preventive, predictive and maintenance engineering, and the use of technologies such as data analytics, AI and robotics for predictive and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

2. Sustainability (Built Environment Focus)

A sustainable built environment is circular and designed for resilience against future climate risks. It is important to be able to predict and mitigate the impact of climate change when building a sustainable urban built environment.

Our applied research focuses on reducing carbon footprint, recovering used resources, and increasing productivity with integrated digital technologies. Areas of focus for the pillar include food security, energy efficiency, construction technologies, as well as the adoption of green and lower embodied carbon construction materials.

3. Energy Resilience

Ensuring a reliable and secure energy supply, and developing a dynamic energy sector for Singapore has always been a grand challenge. SIT has been working with public agencies and industry to develop integrated solutions to promote the usage of cleaner energy and increase energy efficiency.

Areas of focus include energy efficiency, digital twinning, distributed generation, microgrid, green energy, and energy storage. Our applied research covers land transport as well as maritime shipping with the drive on electrification, energy storage and harnessing green energy.

Manpower Training through Industrial Doctorates/Masters

SIT offers Industrial Masters and Industrial Doctorate research-based programmes for mid-career professionals to deepen their specialist knowledge at the postgraduate level, without leaving their careers. The focus of these programmes taps on the university’s strengths in applied research and industry collaboration. The aim is to strengthen the industry-academia interaction and build Singapore’s pipeline for industry-relevant professionals with deep technical knowledge and specialisation skills, who are able to innovate and make improvements to current professional practice.

Applied Research Centres (ARCs)

To foster greater strategic partnerships that involve multidisciplinary applied research collaborations, talent development, as well as workforce training, SIT has set up various thematic Applied Research Centres (ARCs) to support industry in their respective needs:

Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL) 


A collaboration between SIT and Woh Hup Pte Ltd, the Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL) provides a platform for Singapore-based construction companies and SIT researchers to carry out applied research and develop innovative technologies for building structures and sub-structures with societal and economic impact.

Energy Efficiency Technology Centre (EETC)


In collaboration with the National Environment Agency (NEA), SIT's Energy Efficiency Technology Centre (EETC) aims to be the leading technology innovation centre supporting local industries in energy efficiency initiatives

Rapid Product Innovation & Development (RaPID) Centre


A specialised Product Development Facility for rapid product prototyping and sample production to support companies in pursuing innovation and value creation

Centre for Infrastructure and Tunnel Engineering (CITE)


A partnership between the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), the CITE will serve as a platform for the civil engineering community to exchange and deepen their knowledge and skillsets in this field.

Featured Research Projects

On-going Industrial Doctorate Projects

Thermal Resistance Modelling of High Power Electronics Packages

Student: Sim Boon Hwa Derrick (Product Manager)
SIT Supervisor: Asst Prof Kiew Choon Meng
Industry Supervisor: Dr Marvin Boell

Managing Change and Resilience Planning for Whole Life Asset Management

Student: Ho Chee Kit (Senior Director, Asset Services and Facility Management)
SIT Supervisor: Prof Tseng King Jet
Industry Supervisor: Dr Kang Kok Hin

Design for Sustainability – Development of Practices and Methodologies for Product Design and Development Businesses

Student: Joseph Ladislaus Aroguiaraj (Program Manager / Business Process Architect)
SIT Supervisor: A/Prof Ethan Chong
Industry Supervisor: Mr Mohan Kumar

Holistic User-Centric Network Planning and Infrastructure Design of Urban Cycling Network in a Tropical Climate

Student: Yang Ligu (Principle Engineer/Deputy Manager, Active Mobility Group)
SIT Supervisor: A/Prof Kum Yung Juan 
Industry Supervisor: Ms Yap Hui Jin

Industry 4.0 Data Driven Cognitive System in Shop Floor

Student: Ma Zhaoyu (Senior Research Engineer)
SIT Supervisor: A/Prof Zhou Junhong
Industry Supervisor: Dr Ian Chan