Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory 

Advancing construction technologies through innovation.

The Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL) provides a platform for Singapore-based construction companies and SIT researchers to carry out applied research and develop innovative technologies for building structures and sub-structures with societal and economic impact. CTIL is a collaboration between SIT and Woh Hup Pte Ltd, one of Singapore’s largest privately-owned construction and civil engineering companies.

We are committed to develop innovative and disruptive construction technologies through applied research, translate innovative technologies from laboratory to site and provide specialized training and support talent development.

Partnering CTIL

Addressing Industrial Needs
  • Technology Thrust: Use the latest technology to develop new innovative solutions to advance Singapore’s construction industry.
  • Translational Strategy: Focus on translating technologies to improve site safety and productivity, cost efficiency and reduce site labour and manpower requirement.
  • Upskilling Programme: Help construction professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills through upskilling training programmes.
Applied Research Working Model
  • CTIL, SIT and industry partners will co-fund the applied research projects.
  • CTIL will also apply for external funding from government agencies to further develop projects in partnership with industry.
  • Intellectual Property will be jointly owned by SIT, Woh Hup and industry partners.





Latest Innovations In Steel Construction and Launch of BC1 :2023

CTIL held a half-day technical seminar on 5th June 2023 to witness the launch of latest 3rd edition of BC1:2023 at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).


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