Global Mobility Programmes

At SIT, we encourage you to venture out of your comfort zones and brave new challenges to deepen and broaden your learning journey.
Global Mobility Programmes are designed to provide students with the opportunity to study, learn and work in a different country or educational institution.

They aim to:

 Foster cultural appreciation
Develop a global perspective
Promote personal growth

Types of Global Mobility Programmes

SIT offers various global mobility programmes with different educational objectives to help SIT students 
broaden their horizons overseas.

Other Information

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    Financial Aid

    There are different modes of financial aid available for different Student Mobility Programmes. Students will be informed of the applicable options when applying for the specific programmes.

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    Group Student Travel Insurance

    Students participating in official school trips will be covered by travel insurance, which will provide coverage for trip disruptions and/or delays, baggage loss and/or delay, and medical expenses.

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    Overseas Assistance Services

    SIT engages an Overseas Assistance Services (OAS) vendor to provide medical, security and emergency assistance for students travelling overseas on official school trips. The OAS vendor will also be able to provide information on travel risks, security threats, and health concerns in various destinations. 

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