Infocomm Technology (ICT) is a powerful enabler for modern life and one of the most important drivers for technological innovation.

It is pervasive; found anywhere you find people. It is transformative; revolutionising social interaction, health, business, governance, and security. It is increasingly essential to all that we do, and it is wildly innovative, encouraging novel ideas and new ways of working. All of these factors drive ever-shortening development times and sustain a rich and varied ecosystem that surrounds ICT.


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How to Speak Robot: SIT’s Latest Engineering Learning Aid

Senior Professional Officers and academic staff have worked together to design lessons that incorporate the Robot Operating System for Mechatronics Systems and Computer Engineering students.

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SIT and Industry Partners Launch Competency-Based Workplace Learning to Upskill Singaporeans in Infocomm Technology and Land Transport Sectors

04 August 2021
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Machine Learning Enhances Network Reliability at Substations

28 July 2021
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Game On: SITizen Levels Up from Game Development to Academia

26 July 2021