If we look within the ICT ecosystem we see software, services, computers, networks, the world wide web, mobile phones and, increasingly encounter smart homes, offices, transport and factories. We see interconnected systems and artificial intelligence, data analytics, sensing and always-on ubiquitous computing. 

These disciplines form the bedrock of modern business, but also enable governments to govern, allow banks to store and transfer money, and assist the police and law enforcement agencies to keep our communities safe. Elsewhere we learn about malicious uses of ICT such as hacking, phishing, spamming and cyber-crime – all of which are countered by white hat hacker ICT champions.

These champions, and ICT practitioners require skills in computing and software engineering, computer engineering, informatics and information systems. Thus, the ICT cluster similarly contains a diverse mix of subject-area experts who span everything mentioned above and more. Our faculty comprise 40 academics qualified to doctorate level with deep industry experience and specialised domain knowledge.

Our teaching pedagogy is geared towards inculcating industry-relevant skills and is enriched by a high degree of application via extensive industry attachments. Meanwhile, our research predominantly allies with industry to tackle problems that can transform businesses, healthcare or society at large. 

It is no surprise that, as ICT is changing the world, it is an area that continues to grow. It is also immensely challenging, rewarding and fun to be at the epicentre of its development.

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