Energy Efficiency Technology Centre

In collaboration with the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Energy Efficiency Technology Centre (EETC) aims to be the leading technology innovation centre that supports local Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in energy efficiency initiatives.

EETC aspires to promote the development of energy efficiency capability and the adoption of new technologies in the local energy ecosystem for the industrial sectors.

Value to Industry

EETC supports local industries in energy efficiency initiatives and helps to address both short and long-term needs in the local EE ecosystem through the following:

  • Catalyse EE improvements at SMEs through the provision of energy consultancy services.
  • Develop a pipeline of engineering undergraduates in industrial energy efficiency.
  • Upskill existing engineers or EE practitioners through practical hands-on training courses.

What We Do

Catalyse Energy Efficiency Initiatives

We help SMEs be more competitive by reducing energy costs through low-cost high- quality energy assessments.

Co-create Innovative Solutions with Industry 

We provide energy consultancy services and actively collaborate with our industry partners to co-create innovative solutions to overcome current industry challenges.

Build Capability and Expertise

We offer the Energy Efficiency Upskilling Programme (EEUP) that provides practical, hands-on training to complement classroom-based knowledge for engineering professionals.

Energy Assessment for SMEs

EETC provides low-cost, high-quality energy assessments to SMEs. The energy assessment of industrial facilities owned by SMEs will be led by EETC energy specialists.

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Energy Efficiency Upskilling Courses


Compressed Air System Audit and Analysis

In this 5-day course, energy managers, engineers and facility managers will learn about energy-efficient operations and monitoring techniques for compressed air systems. This course will provide participants with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience on topics relevant to compressed air system audit and analysis.


Energy Efficiency and Process Optimisation for Process Industries

Singapore’s industrial sector accounts for about 60% of Singapore’s CO2 emissions. The process and petrochemical subsectors are the leading industrial energy consumers, contributing to the bulk of CO2 emissions. From the perspectives of corporate ESG responsibility and the economic cost of carbon pricing, it is essential for the industry sector to adopt energy efficiency as a core strategy to reduce emissions while lowering total energy costs and boosting industrial competitiveness. This 5-day course is designed to enable energy managers and plant facility engineers in the process and petrochemical industries to identify energy-saving opportunities within their plants.

Careers with EETC

The applied research at SIT brings our rich industry experience and technical skills into our work, creating a better physical environment for learning and innovation.

We work with teaching programmes and innovation projects to improve the skills of our students and strengthen and energise our industry and the wider community.

We welcome individuals passionate about the Energy Sector to embark on a transformative career with SIT today.

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