Energy Assessments for Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises

EETC provides low-cost, high-quality energy assessments to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The energy assessment of industrial facilities owned by SMEs will be conducted by staff and students attached to EETC and led by EETC energy specialists.

Criteria for a subsidised energy assessment

  • Applicant must be a registered owner/operator of the company
  • Company SSIC code is between 10XXX 32XXX
  • Annual group sales turnover ≤ S$500 mil

The scope of work includes detailed metering, baseline and target energy performance, identification of improvement opportunities, and implementation and investment plan.

EETC works with skilled and experienced energy specialists to provide comprehensive energy assessments of our client’s systems. We work with the following systems:

Systems Examples (Non-Exhaustive)
Electrical System Power distribution and cabling system, transformers, electric motors, power quality (including harmonics), power factor and voltage drop, generators, power converters, etc.
Lighting System Indoor and outdoor lighting
Mechanical System Mechanical separators, grinders, blowers, and other motor-driven systems, rotating equipment, process equipment, dust collector
Compressed Air System Compressor, air dryers, pneumatic pipelines, air-controlled equipment
Boiler, Steam and Heating System Burner, furnace, steam boiler, hot water system, thermal oil heater, heat exchangers, biomass boiler
ACMV System Chiller, FCU, AHU, cooling towers, pumps, fans, dehumidification and humidification equipment, mechanical ventilation, variable refrigerant flow/volume equipment, and other unitary air-conditioning equipment, etc.
Process Cooling System Cooling tower and other cooling water equipment
Process / Production Systems Heat treatment machines, refiners,conching machines, refrigeration equipment, etc.


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