Life Readiness

We are committed to shaping students into changemakers and capable leaders, competent and compassionate in all that they do.

A degree is more than just a piece of paper. It goes beyond the long hours of academic learning to encompass growth in other areas of your life, such as leadership and social network. Get ready to develop your competencies through the clubs, committees, as well as campus and community activities.

SITizen Ambassadors

SITizen ambassadors

Students who are deeply passionate about SIT and embody the SIT-DNA serve as advocates to co-create SIT’s future as a reputable university of Applied Learning. They front interactions for institutional, industry, and public events held by the university, by sharing about their SIT experience.

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship_1

With the focus of being grounded in the community and serving with the skills and knowledge they have acquired, Student Leaders under the Global Citizenship pillar are a group of passionate and empathetic individuals with a strong belief in giving back to our society. These leaders are empowered to serve alongside like-minded students and through the process, broaden their perspectives and deepen their understanding of social issues.

Students who are inspired to serve the community can join the Global Citizenship programmes, which provide opportunities for them to work with community partners and organisations to create positive and meaningful social impact.

Student Leadership

Student leadership

To boost SIT students’ development through participation in the above-mentioned areas, Student Life at SIT further commits to inculcating and honing individual leadership skills in student leaders at the university. For a start, the Leadership Development Programme provides all student leaders with the opportunity to discover their leadership styles, build sound communication skills, and effectively manage conflicts within a team.

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Vanguards are student leaders who have dedicated an additional year of service to mentor and guide first-year student leaders. Vanguards lend their experience and guidance and co-facilitate the Leadership Training Roadmap for their juniors. To this end, Vanguards receive special training that is focused on enhancing their leadership skills. As leaders leading leaders, Vanguards translate all that they have learnt into valuable insights for their peers. 

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At SIT, apart from attaining academic excellence, it is important for students to grow into self-assured and confident future leaders. Students can sign up for mentorship and life coaching programmes, where they are paired with experienced industry professionals. Under the programmes, they will develop deeper self-awareness and confidence in managing challenges, as well as gain transferable skill sets in cultural fluency, interpersonal communication skills, and conflict management.