Life Readiness

We are committed to shaping students into changemakers and capable leaders, competent and compassionate in all that they do.

Pursuing a degree encompasses more than just academic achievements. It represents a comprehensive journey that extends the rigor of academic study. It fosters growth in leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as personal connections. Engage in a multitude of clubs, committees, campus events, and leadership opportunities to expand your toolkit of transferable skills and enrich your university experience.

SITizen Ambassadors

sitizen ambassador

A cadre of students who are deeply passionate about SIT and embody the SITizen-DNA. The Ambassadors help to co-create the future of SIT as a reputable university of Applied Learning by representing SIT in a wide array of events.

SITizen Ambassadors are trained and equipped with skills to serve as strong advocates of SIT to both their peers and the membes of the public by sharing their personal SIT story.

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Global Citizenship

With the focus of being grounded in the community, students are invited to serve in Global Citizenship projects, both in Singapore and overseas. These projects focus on caring for the elderly, youth, migrant community and even mental health. Through this unique and transformative experience, students develop their ability to think deeply and critically about social matters. This deepens their understanding of how communities are connected and how each person can create positive impact and shape the future. Students also hone transferable skills such as intercultural fluency, adaptability, and resilience, leveraging on available resources to benefit different segments of society.


Well-thy Minds sharing about good mental health and tips to cope with stress during SIT Wellness Week for students.

SIT Community Service Club

Community Service Club engaged the elderly at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH), Serangoon through nostalgic games and seranded them with Chinese classics.

magical hearts sit

Magical Hearts held an event for the Migrant Brothers to share the secrets of magic and bond together at Botanic Gardens. Migrant brothers performing their newly found talent in magic tricks.

Student Leadership

SIT Overseas Leadership Development Programme

Student Leaders at the Overseas Leadership Development Programme about to embark on their water expedition.

SIT Local Leadership Development Programme

Student Leaders engaging in group discussions about leadership styles at Local Leadership Development Programme


Student Life at SIT is committed to fostering the growth of students' leadership potential as a cornerstone of their comprehensive development. The Future Ready Leadership Programme (FRLP) equips student leaders with the tools needed to understand vital leadership concepts, develop their facilitation techniques, and excel in both communication and teamwork within diverse settings.

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Vanguards are committed student leaders who devote an extra year to mentoring and supporting first-year student leaders. Drawing from their own experiences, Vanguards co-facilitate the Future Ready Leadership Programme for their juniors. They receive specialised training to further enhance their leadership abilities, ensuring they are well-equipped to guide others. As leaders guiding fellow leaders, Vanguards transform their acquired knowledge into valuable insights that enrich the learning experience for their peers.

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