Student Leadership 

There is a series of leadership training programmes (Leadership Training Roadmap) for incoming student leaders who have stepped up to take on leadership roles in clubs and committees. This roadmap is designed to equip all incoming leaders with essential leadership skills and knowledge and consist of the following

Club management training

1. Club Management Training

Club Management & Student-Initiated Activity Process

Local Leadership Programme

2. Local Leadership Development Programme

Self Development & Leadership Styles

Icon_Overseas Leadership Programme

3. Experiential Training

Team Dynamics & Character Building


4. Reflections Workshop

Leadership Experience & Journey Mapping

Zhou Xihao
Being a student leader in SIT means that you are committed to playing an active role in improving everyone’s university experience. As student leaders, we empower and inspire every individual to achieve a wholesome and meaningful journey in SIT.
Zhou Xihao
BSc Computing Science
Huang Meiyan
An important attribute of a good leader is don’t take everything personally. Discussions are targeted at issues, not persons. If someone disagrees with you on an issue, it doesn't mean this person doesn't like you.
Huang Meiyan
BSc Diagnostic Radiography
Angel Joseph Sena
I learnt that proactively and enthusiastically spearheading things create remarkable experiences. To grow my leadership skills, I found that it is crucial to listen to myself and whoever I work. This authenticity would hone me as a leader.
Angel Joseph Sena
BEng Chemical Engineering

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