Our Hearts Take Our SITizens Further Forward

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you so much for nurturing our students through the Faculty & Staff Giving initiative since 2015!

Each year, your generous collective giving has made possible for our own young SITizens the following student-centric fundings.

As the new Academic Year (AY) 2024/25 draws near, we again appeal for your support for this year’s Faculty & Staff Giving – just so the neediest of our students will be able to make the most of their learning opportunities at SIT in the coming year.

Our hearts will take our SITizens further forward!

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About Our Student-centric Fundings

    • Valued at $3,000 each, the SIT Bursary is applicable to all financially disadvantaged students (both undergraduate and postgraduate students at SIT) with a monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) of no more than $850.
    • 1 in 2 of our student intake are first in their family to attend university.
    • Many of our students come from households with a monthly PCI of no more than $1,000 and qualify for financial aid. Many also need to work part-time to support themselves, or they need to help support their family’s household expenses, or both.

    Forward SITizen Initiative

    • This year, the SIT Bursary will again support SIT’s Forward SITizen Initiative (FSI), which aims to make possible full tuition-fee support for the most financially needy of our undergraduate students.
    • FSI will help top up existing Government-funded Public Bursaries to fully cover tuition fees for eligible students. An eligible student is defined as someone who:
      • is an incoming Singaporean undergraduate student;
      • is enrolled in any undergraduate degree programme offered at SIT in or after AY 2024/25;
      • lives in an HDB flat that is no larger than a 4-room type HDB flat;
      • has a monthly per capita household income (PCI) not exceeding $750;
      • does not, and whose immediate family members living in the same household do not own any private property in or outside of Singapore; and
      • does not already possess a Bachelor’s degree.

    How Your Gift Helps

    • Just 12 colleagues giving $250 each will make possible one SIT Bursary!
    • Since its launch in 2015, the Faculty & Staff Giving initiative has counted over 340 donors, who have made possible more than 215 SIT Bursaries.
    • As at 31 March 2024, more than 64 SIT Bursaries had been raised through Faculty & Staff Giving for disbursement in Academic Year 2023/2024 and beyond.
    Bursary table
    • It is a holistic student development platform launched in 2019 aimed at helping students learn better. Through insightful feedback and progress tracking, personalised resource recommendations, and on-demand micro-lessons, students get to know themselves better and are empowered to become better learners — all while building their virtual island empire!
    • It allows students to become self-aware learners through insightful feedback from literature-based, self-reflective questionnaires on learning traits, such as approaches to learning and resilience.
    • It directs students to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn ways to approach their studies through resource recommendations personalised based on their learning profile.
    • It empowers students to continually develop their ability to learn effectively through on-demand micro-lessons on topics as varied as time management, notetaking, and sleep patterns

    How Your Gift Helps

    • The app development team is aiming to raise $30,000 each year for AdventureLEARN in AY 2024 – a goal that can be reached if just 100 SIT employees were to each donate $300 annually.

    Our Hearts Take Our SITizens Further Forward

    Your support will go a long way in nurturing our students through the SIT Bursary and AdventureLEARN.

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    In Appreciation

    As at 31 March 2024, the Faculty & Staff Giving intiative at SIT has counted the support of 345 donors, and we wish to give them all our heartfelt thanks.  

    Their names can be found on the following list (which excludes the 143 donors who wish to remain anonymous).

    • Academic Programmes Administration Division
    • Alan Poh Ka Weng
    • Andrew Seah Boon Yong
    • Ann Nurul'Ain Ibrahim
    • Arijit Saha
    • Arthur Loo Wee Yeong
    • Bavani D/O Santhra Sagaran
    • Benjamin Moey
    • Carroll Charles Matthew
    • Chai Hui Zi Kelly
    • Chan Tze Jin
    • Charmaine Cham Seoh Wah
    • Cheok Jia Ching Jaycee
    • Cheow Wean Sin
    • Ching Chi Bun
    • Choo Jian Huei
    • Chu Pei Nyuk
    • Chua Kee Chaing
    • Chua Yong Wei Derek
    • Danny Lim Lee Fong
    • Darius Ang
    • Desmond Chong Yok Rue
    • Doreen Loh Peck Hoon
    • Edwina Jane Rigby
    • Elly Choo Neo Min
    • Foong Sheng-Wei
    • Gerry Koh Eng Seng
    • Goh Mei Shiuan
    • Goh Yee Tze
    • Gopalakrishnakone Ponnampalam
    • Hartono Wu
    • Ho Yew Kee
    • Ian Thng Li-Jin
    • Indriyati Atmosukarto
    • Ingrid Mary Wilson
    • Irawan
    • Jeanette Ng Poh Tin
    • Jing Shi
    • Joan Toh Wan Ching
    • Jonathan Goh Hway Yean
    • Kathrine Lim Swee Choo
    • Keh Ngen Fatt Raymond
    • Kelly Koh Ben-Lin
    • Kum Yung Juan
    • Lee Boon Hong
    • Lee Chin Yi
    • Lee Kai Ni
    • Lee Ling Koon
    • Leong Kee Mei
    • Leong Pui Shan
    • Lester Edmund Jones
    • Leung Hoi Ki
    • Lim Guey Hock
    • Lim Shao Ming
    • Liu Zhaoping
    • Loh Lin
    • Low Eicher
    • Madalene Hee Kim Pin
    • Maxine Ung Ewe Hong
    • May Lim Sok Mui
    • May Tan Kia He
    • Megan Pooh Yee Peng
    • Neelakantam Varadarajulu Venkatarayalu
    • Ng Boon Sua
    • Ng Chew Song
    • Ng Laii Tseng
    • Ong Peck Hoon
    • Ong Sik Yin
    • Paolo Del Linz
    • Paul Nicholas Sharratt
    • Pearpilai Jutasompakorn
    • Periyasamy Manikandan
    • Rachel Toh Bee Hoon
    • Rendell Tan Kheng Wah
    • See Boon Tat
    • Sha'izad Bin Mohamed Jaffar
    • SIT Senior Mgmt
    • Siti Noorbaiyah Binti Abdul Malek
    • Stephanie Peh Geok Hoon
    • Sun Shengbo
    • Tan Bhing Leet
    • Tan Chin Pei
    • Tan Lay Sim
    • Tan Lip Woo
    • Tan Thiam Soon
    • Tan Ying Jeng
    • Tansri
    • Tanya Lim Geok Choo
    • Tay Nam Beng
    • Teo Poh Heng
    • Tham Sook Fun
    • Tseng King Jet
    • Valencia Cheng Kai Wen
    • Wang Mei Yin
    • Wang Ying
    • Wee Shiou Liang
    • Wendy Tay Kit Lai
    • Wong Kai Sin
    • Wong Seen Han Veronica
    • Wong Sze Yuan
    • Woon Kok Meng
    • Yap Yen Ling Alicia
    • Yee Fook Cheong
    • Zhang Linyun
    • Zhao Xinyuan
    • Zoe Peters

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