Future Communications Translation Lab

Future Communications Translation Lab (FCTLab) at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) was established to facilitate the innovation and technology translation of 5G and other future communication technologies.


Since its establishment, the FCTLab has been actively seeking partnerships in 5G testbedding, translation research in 5G connectivity, 5G application prototyping, and security. Two 5G testbeds are being set up at SIT@Dover in collaboration with industry partners, one based on multi-vendor open network solution, the other based on single-vendor solution for 5G translational research and development (R&D).

When the testbed is ready in the later half 2023, FCTLab will be able to provide a range of services, including modelling and simulation platforms, performance testing and benchmarking equipment, as well as live network infrastructure, to support the testing and validation of new 5G technology, use cases, and applications.

5G and Future Communications

Our Aims

The FCTLab is set up to accelerate research on use cases and strengthen translational capabilities to ensure that we maximise the potential of future communications technologies.

To build modelling and simulation platforms, open 5G standalone testbed, with test and measurement capabilities.

To strengthen demand-led research and innovation with the aim of co-creation and commercialisation of IP.
To facilitate and enable open innovation, learning, testing and validating of 5G technologies and use cases, solve pain points from industry and agencies in their 5G deployment for use cases.
To strengthen capability transfer from RIs/IHLs and/or MNCs to locally based companies.

What We Do

We invite companies to conduct 5G translation projects, with Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from 4 to 7, using our testbeds. This can involve testing of new technologies, evaluating network performance, and exploring innovative 5G use cases specific to your industry. FCTLab provides access to physical and virtual 5G network infrastructure, including base stations, core network components, and associated network functions. Users can experiment with different network configurations, protocols, and services.

Companies can leverage our testbeds for:

· Proof-of-concept

· Showcase the capabilities of 5G technology through live demonstrations

· End-to-end validation for products and services before commercialisation

We invite companies to experience the benefits of 5G and explore how it can transform your business processes and operations with us.

The testbeds offer network-slicing services allowing users to create and manage virtual network slices with specific characteristics and requirements. This facilitates the testing and evaluation of network slicing concepts, service isolation, and resource management. Virtualised network slices can be created and tailored to different industry requirements.

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) enables the deployment of applications and services at the network edge, closer to end-users, reducing network congestion and enabling faster response time for critical applications. AI and machine learning models can also be hosted in the MEC. This supports applications like predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and intelligent decision-making in edge environments.

Our Services


5G Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Areas

The 5G Standalone (SA) testbeds at the SIT Dover campus operate on the n78 band and cover both indoor and outdoor areas. Our partners can utilise the indoor playground at SR-1J, a restricted indoor environment, for testing and experimenting with products and services. The courtyard and L-shaped driveway are available for developing use cases for drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles. Please refer to the coverage map below for more information.

FCTLab @ Innovate Building
Frequency Range: FR1, 3400MHz-3450MHz (50MHz Bandwidth)


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