Life on Campus

Here at SIT, we believe in living your best life on campus. From events to clubs and activities, there's something for everyone.  

Through key events in the year, SIT aims to develop individual SIT students into a bustling community full of inspired and active SITizens with a strong identity and a vibrant and engaging campus life!

First-Year Experience

Freshmen Orientation_1
SIT Helix 

Join us to meet with new friends from different programmes who will begin their university life together with you!  SIT Helix is a platform for freshmen to connect with SIT, its DNAs, culture and values, and to form meaningful friendships with peers from different disciplines. The programme is designed to grow your inter-disciplinary network and build your SIT identity.

Day Zero
Day Zero

Get ready to know your faculty, seniors, and coursemates before school starts and be introduced to SIT’s unique academic paradigm of applied education, as well as the university’s culture and values! 

Club Fair
Club Fair

Whether you are into sports, music, or photography, there is something for everyone. Look out for the annual student-centred extravaganza in August that exhibits the plethora of clubs and interest groups available to SIT students. 

SIT Connects

Relationships form the bedrock of any campus experience. With SIT’s robust calendar of activities, students can look forward to countless opportunities to engage with their peers and faculty throughout the year. By supporting a wide variety of programmes to cater to the ever-expanding interests of our SITizens, SIT empowers students to build communities anchored by shared passions and enriched by diverse pursuits.

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