Life on Campus

At SIT, we believe in living your best life on campus. From events to clubs and activities, there's something for everyone.

Through key events in the year, SIT strives to foster a vibrant and inclusive campus life, transforming each SIT student into an inspired and proactive SITizen, contributing to a lively community with a distinct identity and boundless opportunities for engagement.

First Year Experience

SIT Helix 

Forge a strong community by engaging in interactive activities and meaningful programmes with your peers. Immerse yourself in the essence of our SITizen-DNA and values, experienced first-hand through our distinctive service-based engagements in Punggol.

Day Zero

Join us for Day Zero — an essential introduction to the diverse experiences that our degree programmes will offer you.

Ignite your university journey with inspirational talks from industry speakers. Gather invaluable tips and be enthused by our Alumni success stories, while forging invaluable connections with your peers, seniors and academic staff. Don't miss this essential experience that will set you up for a good start to your university journey!

Club Fair
University Life Club Fair

Embark on your SITizen adventure with passion, flair and leadership journey! Discover a plethora of opportunities as you explore over 100 student booths, participate in exciting workshops, and enjoy the live performances by talented student musicians, dancers, and artists. Soak up the incredible SIT vibes and become an integral part of our vibrant SIT community.

SIT Connects

Relationships form the bedrock of any campus experience. With SIT’s robust calendar of activities, students can look forward to countless opportunities to engage with their peers and faculty throughout the year. By supporting a wide variety of programmes to cater to the ever-expanding interests of our SITizens, SIT empowers students to build communities anchored by shared passions and enriched by diverse pursuits.

Student leaders appreciation night 2024 group photo
SITizen Celebration Day photo