Vanguards are a group of experienced student leaders who are keen to inspire and guide other student leaders.

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With their diverse leadership experiences, the Vanguards serves as an additional resource for student leaders to seek different perspectives during the leadership journey in SIT. The intangible benefits of Vanguard programme go both ways! While student leaders have the opportunity to leverage on the Vanguard’s experience, the Vanguards can enhance their leadership skillsets to create better potential and positive impact as SITizens upon graduation. 

Transferable Skills, New Experience

Icon_Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness
Develop social-emotional management, effective decision making and a deeper understanding of personal strengths.


Grow your ability to guide junior leaders through activities and group work to achieve objectives and desired outcomes. Learn to encourage participation, group commitment and meaningful engagement.


Experiential Learning alongside professional trainers, co-leading workshops and building professionalism and group engagement.


Learn how to lead and mentor first-year leaders, build rapport and trust with mentees and how to develop and manage people.

Vanguard Advantage

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Enhanced Leadership Experience
A leader leading leaders.

Icon_Transferable Skills

Transferable Skill Sets
Facilitation, effective communication, conflict management, interpersonal and many more.

Icon_Standout CV

Standout CV
With the testimonial and ROA for Leadership as a Vanguard, your CVs stands out from the others!


Getting an Edge
Edge over others in experience and ability to manage different situations.

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