Engineers are instrumental in driving Singapore towards becoming a Smart Nation.

Engineers are instrumental in driving Singapore towards becoming a Smart Nation. We need to develop crucial expertise in various engineering sectors to ensure that the nation is well-positioned for the future. Known for their problem-solving and inventive skills, engineers continuously innovate product and components, and implement new and sustainable solutions in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

SIT offers multi-disciplinary engineering degree programmes that are closely aligned with Singapore’s key economic growth sectors. These include aerospace, civil, electrical power, marine, mechanical, land transport, robotics, and systems engineering. Many of these programmes are first of their kind, specialised degree programmes with a strong emphasis on skills mastery through close collaboration with industry partners.

Our curriculum trains students to be professionals with a mastery of deep specialist skills in their chosen disciplines. We are not just offering general engineering degrees but those with a peak of specialisation. For example, our Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering SIE (Land) programme is a mechanical engineering degree with a specialisation in rail maintenance and reliability. Such specialisation helps to ensure our degree programmes are better focused on the industries that we are training our students for. It also creates a distinctive edge to the students’ professional competencies, while building a strong pipeline of specialist engineers to solve increasingly complex industry problems.

Even though our engineering degree programmes are specialised, the projects that students embarked on are often interdisciplinary ones. This helps our students understand how the knowledge they learn fits into the wider scheme of things. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on applied learning – a pedagogy that connects academic knowledge and skills with real-world applications. Students pick up knowledge and skills from industry projects and work attachments, as well as through hands-on, experiential, and authentic learning.

The SIT Engineering cluster is made up of a diverse mix of subject-area experts who have deep industry experience and specialised domain knowledge. Our teaching pedagogy is geared towards inculcating skills useful for the industry of today and tomorrow, and is enriched by a high degree of real-world application.

Our applied research aims to bridge the gap between knowledge discovery and application, focusing on Translational Research and innovation projects that span technology readiness level (TRL) 3-7. Pursuing applied research not only brings benefits to our industries but also enables our faculty members to bring real-world problems into their teaching. We also provide applied research opportunities at the postgraduate level through our Industry Master/Doctorate programmes, where the students are full-time staff working in the industries.

In the Engineering cluster, we have mapped our cluster research capability and geared our research efforts in the areas of energy, infrastructure, and sustainability.

  • The energy area focuses on enhancing the resilience of our nation’s energy supply through cleaner natural gas conversion to electricity, higher adoption of solar photovoltaics, infrastructure to import electricity from regional countries and new low-carbon alternatives.

  • The infrastructure area focuses on predictive maintenance and total life-cycle cost asset management, particularly in the railway sector.

  • The sustainability area focuses on tackling climate change issues through green construction technologies and energy efficiency in built environments.

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