Applied learning is central and core to SIT. We nurture our students to be active learners by providing them with authentic learning environments and real-world problems.

Our goal is for them to leave SIT as deep specialists with the skill sets to contribute positively to Singapore’s economy and society.

With an emphasis on applied learning, the Engineering degree programmes at SIT challenge students to use their academic knowledge to solve problems around them. This is done through collaborations with industry partners, where students get to reinforce their understanding of fundamental theories through practice.

Students pick up knowledge and skills from industry projects, as well as through hands-on, experiential, and authentic learning such as industry labs and living lab. Students go on meaningful work placements, or Integrated Work Study Programme, where they take on a more in-depth scope of work related to the fields of their studies. The industry knowledge and experience they pick up from companies complement the theory they learn in classrooms. Students also work closely with the industry to form the basis of their capstone projects. By doing so, they are trained to work on real-world problems that exist within the industry.

An SIT education offers students a deeply rewarding experience, both inside the classroom and within the industry. Through an applied curriculum, students embark on learning journeys to deepen their skill sets and emerge as work-ready graduates.

Explore Engineering Programmes

The current programmes taught by the Engineering cluster are:

    1. Aircraft Systems Engineering
      Aircraft Systems Engineering
    2. civil-engineering
      Civil Engineering
    3. computer engineering
      Computer Engineering
    4. Digital Supply Chain
      Digital Supply Chain
    5. electrical-power-engineering
      Electrical Power Engineering
    6. Electronics and Data Engineering
      Electronics and Data Engineering
    7. Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land)
      Engineering Systems
    8. mechanical-design-manufacturing-engineering
      Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
    9. mechanical-engineering
      Mechanical Engineering
    10. mechatronics-systems
      Mechatronics Systems
    11. naval-architecture-marine-engineering
      Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
    12. robotics-systems
      Robotics Systems
    13. sustainable-infrastructure-engineering-building-services
      Sustainable Built Environment

    By Coursework

    Tailored for working professionals looking to obtain Professional/Chartered Engineer certification, you will develop deep knowledge and skills of relevance to the industry. Our programmes facilitate credit mobility among the European Union universities.

    1. MSc Civil Engineering
      Master of Science in Civil Engineering
    2. MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    3. mechanical engineering
      Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

    By Research

    SIT offers Industrial Masters and Industrial Doctorate research-based programmes for mid-career professionals to deepen their specialist knowledge at the postgraduate level, without leaving their careers.

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    1. Doctor of Engineering
      Doctor of Engineering
    2. Master of Engineering
      Master of Engineering