Programme Overview

BEng (Hons)
Singapore Institute of Technology
2 years 8 months
Total credits
Application period
10 January to 19 March 2024
Next intake
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The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Computer Engineering with a specialisation in intelligent transportation is a two-years-eight-months direct honours degree programme.

Prior to Academic Year 2021, this programme was formerly known as the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering).

This programme is the first-of-its-kind that offers interdisciplinary training in computer science and engineering with a special focus on application in the rapidly evolving field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. 

Over the years, Singapore has experienced a digital revolution that has transformed our lives in many ways. As we continue to embrace Smart Nation as the key driver of our economy, we are witnessing a transformation in intelligent transport systems that agglomerates and leverages technologies such Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 5G networking and smart traffic systems, among others.

Developed with support from LTA, ST Engineering, NCS and Continental Automotive, this programme will equip you with the knowledge and skill sets in understanding how complex engineering systems such as intelligent transportation could leverage on leading-edge information and communication technologies. Importantly, the programme caters to the ever-growing needs of the local industry for engineers with software development skills to develop smart solutions that run on myriads of devices and systems, ranging from wearables to autonomous vehicles.

To be awarded the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, students will be required to complete six trimesters of study and two trimesters of Integrated Work Study Programme.

Trend Antenna
Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Trend Antenna programme developed by Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd. This programme allows students to be at the frontline of cutting-edge technologies and innovation in the automotive industry. Students will be expected to generate new ideas, research about technologies, prototype ideas, as well as develop value chain and possible business models. The innovative ideas from trend antenna may also be used in group design projects or capstone projects.

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Integrated Work Study Programme

The Integrated Work Study Programme is held over a span of eight months and provides you with the opportunity to gain industry experience, integrate theory with practice and develop deep specialist skills in your chosen field. You will also be involved in day-to-day operations and confront challenges just like an employee of the host organisation.

Term-In Term-Out (TITO)

The TITO pathway allows students to alternate their time between the university and the workplace every year. At the end of their full-time undergraduate studies, students on this pathway would have spent extended time learning and immersing in authentic industry settings to gain substantial work experience without prolonging the duration of their degree programme. The TITO pathway exemplifies the foundation of our applied learning pedagogy, which is ‘learning by doing’, and we believe that this will give students a stronger head-start to the working world by exposing them to the latest industry developments, business intricacies and work cultures.

Career Options

  • Embedded Systems and Software Engineer
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer
  • Engineer (Design/Application/Network/Telematics/Technology Integration)
  • Project Manager/Officer/Engineer
  • Technology Consultant

Programme Structure (AY2024/25)*

  1. Core Modules
    (129 Credits)
  2. Electives Modules
    (12 Credits)
  3. Specialisation Modules
    (24 Credits)
  4. University Modules
    (15 Credits)
Module Title Credits
Engineering Mathematics 1 6
Electronic Circuits 6
Programming Fundamentals 6
Engineering Mathematics 2 6
Digital Systems 6
Object-Oriented Programming 6
Signals and Systems 6
Integrative Team Project 6
Project Management and Professional Ethics 3
Data Structures and Algorithms 6
Sensors and Control 6
Embedded System Design 6
Instrumentation and Data Analytics 6
Database Systems 6
Wireless Communications 6
Computer Networks 6
Systems and Software Engineering 6
Integrated Work Study Programme 20
Capstone Project 10

* The programme structure is subject to change without prior notice. SIT regularly reviews its curriculum to ensure that it remains industry-relevant and prepares our students for the evolving needs of industry.

Eligibility and Exemption

Diploma holders from any of the five local polytechnics, A-Level / IB Diploma graduates, and holders of equivalent Year 12 qualifications are welcome to apply.

Holders of BCA Academy diplomas in the following are eligible to apply:

  • Digital Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Clean Energy

Students with a relevant engineering background, i.e. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology, may apply for exemption from modules of up to a maximum of two trimesters.

For students with non-relevant diplomas, exemption from modules will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Fees and Finances

    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $22,500.00 for SG Citizens / $98,689.00 Non-subsidised fees.
    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $47,160.00 for Permanent Resident / $98,689.00 Non-subsidised fees.
    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $64,746.00 for International Student / $98,689.00 Non-subsidised fees.

    Industry Advisory Committee

    The members of the Industry Advisory Committee for this programme are:

    Mr Kim Siah Ang
    SVP/Head, Mobility Road
    ST Engineering, Urban Solutions
    Dr Chin Kian Keong
    Mobility Specialist
    ST Engineering
    Mr Lo Kien Foh
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd
    Mr Howie Sim
    Senior Partner