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3 June to 14 June 2024
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The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Computing [via the Competency-based Stackable Micro-credential (CSM) Pathway] is a three-year direct honours programme offered by SIT. This programme is designed to provide an upgrading pathway for in-employment individuals.

The programme is designed for working adults who would like to upskill or reskill themselves while remaining in full-time employment. This allows them to acquire new competencies to take on larger roles within their organisations, or pivot to new jobs.

The programme will equip learners with a strong technical and theoretical foundation in computing. Learners will enhance their technical competencies through hands-on learning that integrates theory and practical skills in specific areas of computing, such as in network security, agile development, DevOps and machine learning.

This new CSM pathway comprises three components, namely, micro-credentials, a workforce essentials component and a capstone project.

To minimise disruption to the learner’s work, the micro-credentials will be delivered via a combination of asynchronous and synchronous modes. Selected practical sessions, laboratory sessions and assessments will be conducted face-to-face. This will provide learners the flexibility to personalise their learning journey as needed for work and personal aspirations, while managing multiple commitments.

Upon completion of each micro-credential, learners will be awarded a Specialist Certificate.

"Knowing that my lifelong learning journey is a shared endeavour made possible through the unwavering belief and support of individuals who recognised my potential, as well as NCS that is investing in my professional and personal growth, is truly heartening. I am grateful for this opportunity to be part of the CSM Pathway, and looking ahead, I am excited to continue growing in my career."
Alvina Ho
Analyst, NCS and current CSM Degree Pathway (Applied Computing) learner

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Competency-based Education

This programme is predominantly delivered through a competency-based education (CBE) approach where learners acquire and demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to job functions. Each learner will be provided with a personalised academic experience, giving them the flexibility to progress at their own pace.

With the support of dedicated instructors and the use of learning analytics, learners will be guided to the desired level of competency mastery. This prepares them to be industry-ready where they can apply their newly acquired competencies to their work.

Recognition of Prior Learning

In addition, this programme recognises a learner’s prior learning such as industry certifications or competencies acquired from work. This allows learners to be given credit or exemptions for knowledge and skills that they have previously acquired, and further personalises the learning experience for them.


Coaching for Success

To enhance learning in the programme, a team of qualified success coaches, alongside SIT instructors, will provide dedicated support to learners throughout their learning journey. These success coaches work closely with each learner to develop personalised academic goal-setting plans, tailored to their individual needs.

Through the success coaches, learners will gain access to a wide range of resources and additional support services, empowering them with the necessary tools to navigate their academic journey successfully. The success coaches also partner with programme instructors to monitor and pace learners, providing encouragement and celebrating with learners as they journey through different milestones.

Programme Components

  1. Micro-credentials (18 credits each)
    • Two (2) micro-credentials covering the foundations of Applied Computing
    • Four (4) micro-credentials in more specialised areas of Applied Computing
    • Two (2) elective micro-credentials for broadening learning
  2. Workforce Essentials (20 credits)
    • Career Catalyst – (10 CR) Opportunities to demonstrate competencies in effective communication, career development, and agile learning. Learners may be allowed to gain credit recognition if they possess and demonstrate the competencies in this Competency Unit.

    • Relevant Industry Work Experience – (10 CR) Opportunities to demonstrate readiness at the workplace in the industry. Learners with relevant work experience may be allowed to gain credit recognition for this Competency Unit.

  3. Capstone Project (18 credits)
    • A major, year-long individual project that allows learners to demonstrate the various competencies that they have pursued.


Total of 180 credits. Each micro-credential takes one trimester (three-plus months) to complete.

To graduate within three years, learners will need to complete one micro-credential a trimester. For learners with limited or no prior background in computing, it is recommended that they complete a Foundation Micro-credential before enrolling in Specialised Micro-credentials or Electives. Learners have the option of taking Specialised Micro-credentials in place of Electives.

  • Both the Capstone Project and Relevant Industry Work Experience (part of Workforce Essentials) can be taken in parallel with the micro-credentials after the completion of at least four micro-credentials. Learners can choose to take the Career Catalyst unit as early as the first trimester of their studies, based on their career readiness and work experiences.
  • The following illustrates a suggested learning pathway to graduate in three years:
Recommended Learning Pathway for CSM Applied Computing


For learners who desire more flexibility in balancing work and studies, they have up to five years to complete the degree.

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Micro-credentials Available

Digital Logic and Computing 18
Ethical Computing and Data Analysis  18
Cloud Architecting and Security 18
Computer Networking and Network Security 18
Cybersecurity 18
Information Security Risk Management and Audit 18
Machine Learning 18
Modern Software Engineering Practices 18

The list above will expand as more micro-credentials are introduced. Programme components are subject to change without prior notice. SIT regularly reviews its curriculum to ensure that it remains industry-relevant and prepares our learners for the evolving needs of industry.

Micro-credentials for this programme can be taken individually. Find out more about the individual micro-credentials offered by SITLEARN.


Only in-employment individuals will be considered for the degree pathway.

Learners who are currently not in employment may consider enrolling in individual micro-credentials offered by SITLEARN.

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