Public Bursaries

Application period: 01 October 2023 to 31 October 2023

Students are to login to the Student Intranet and click on the "IN4SIT" tab in order to access the online application form.


Singapore Citizens (SC) pursuing their first MOE-subsidised undergraduate degrees (i.e not holding the same or higher qualifications than the level they are pursuing). 

Students' eligibility is assessed based on university computed PCI/GHI of the applicant. 

Gross monthly household per capita income (PCI) computation formula


Total gross monthly income* of immediate/non-immediate family members

Total no. of immediate/non-immediate family members living with the student

Award Quanta per Academic Year (from AY2023)

Public Bursary

Bursary Tier

Award Quantum

Per Capita Income (PCI)


Gross Household Income (GHI)

Higher Education Community Bursary

Tier I


≤ $750


≤ $3,000

Tier II


$751 to $1,100


$3,001 to $4,400

Higher Education Bursary

Tier I


$1,101 to $1,875


$4,401 to $7,500

Tier II


$1,876 to $2,500


$7,501 to $10,000


Not required, unless recipient has withdrawn/was terminated/dismissed from course of study. 

Application Outcome & Disbursement of Funds

  • The Admissions and Financial Aid Division will inform you of the application outcome and disbursement details via your SIT email once it is available.

Important Notes:

  • Monthly Gross Household Income (GHI) refers to the amount before deduction of CPF, and includes allowances, overtime, commissions etc. 
  • Public Bursaries are tenable on a yearly basis. 
  • An eligible student may receive a maximum of 1 public bursary within an Academic Year (AY) of study. 
  • Students must be in receipt of either full/partial MOE Tuition Grant for their original candidature of study in order to receive the public bursary.  
  • Recipients of a Public Bursary with a lower quantum may submit a fresh application for a public bursary with a higher quantum if there have been changes to the household income/number of dependents since the previous application within the same Academic Year. If the subsequently assessed PCI should render the student eligible for a larger public bursary award, we will revise the award designated for the same Academic Year and a top-up of the monies (where applicable) will be made. 
  • Students receiving a Public bursary must not concurrently hold other scholarships, or bursaries except for bursaries administered by SIT.

How To Apply

Applications for Public Bursaries, Donated Bursaries & Scholarships will commence in July 2022. Do keep a look out for more information which will be sent to your SIT e-mail address.

Matriculated students are to submit their Financial Aid application via the SIT Student Intranet - IN4SIT. Do note that students are to connect to the SIT VPN before accessing IN4SIT. 

Applicants will need to complete and submit the online application form and upload all required supporting documents through the application portal by the given deadline.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.