Incidental fees

Incidental Fees 

During their candidature, students may utilise various administrative services that incur incidental fees. Examples of such services include reviews of exam results, replacement of matriculation card, change of programme, etc.

A full listing of incidental fees can be found in the Student Intranet.

Tuition grant scheme

Tuition Grant Scheme 

Singapore Citizens will be automatically awarded a Tuition Grant with no bond obligation. Non-Singaporean students (including Singapore Permanent Residents) will need to apply for the grant and commit on a Grant Agreement to work in a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.

For more information visit MOE's website: TGOnline

If you have graduated from a part-time undergraduate degree programme awarded by then-SIM University and was enrolled in the degree programme between 2001 to 2008, please contact us at for more details on tuition fees.

Miscellaneous fees


In addition to the tuition fees, you will be required to pay miscellaneous fees. These fees are annually recurring, non-refundable, and payable at the beginning of each academic year. They help to defray the costs of providing copyright, insurance, student and IT services.


*Miscellaneous fees for AY2022/23

Singapore Citizens

S$262.15 (S$245.00 +7% GST)

Singapore Permanent Residents

S$262.15 (S$245.00 +7% GST)

International Students

S$347.75 (S$325.00 +7% GST)

a. decide to withdraw, or apply for a leave of absence from SIT after the end of Week 2 of their semester/trimester, OR
b. have their candidature subsequently terminated by SIT; OR
c. are on term break, capstone projects, Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP/OIWSP), Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP) or Overseas Exposure Programme (OEP).

* Miscellaneous fees are subject to revision every year.

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