Tuition Fees

SIT’s tuition fees for Competency-based Stackable Micro-credential (CSM) degree pathway programmes are based on fees set for the Academic Year. The amount of tuition fees payable during each trimester depends on the number of credits taken in that trimester. All learners in the same programme will pay the same fee rate in each Academic Year regardless of their admission date. The tuition fees are reviewed annually and may be revised. 

This table shows the AY2024 fee per credit for each CSM degree pathway programme and the subsidies made available by the Singapore Government. Tuition fees are payable per trimester.  

  Subsidised Fees Non-subsidised Fees
CSM Degree Pathway Singapore Citizens Below 40 Years Old Singapore Citizens 40 Years Old and Above Permanent Residents (PR) Non-subsidised Learners

Applied Computing

$138.98 $55.59 $390.22 $555.90

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

$138.98 $55.59 $390.22 $555.90

Infrastructure and Systems Engineering

$138.98 $55.59 $390.22 $555.90

All fees above are inclusive of 9% GST. The fees will be subject to revision based on the prevailing GST rate. 

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees help to meet part of the cost of providing insurance, learner programmes, and activities that are not covered by the tuition fee and MOE grant. The fee is payable for each trimester and is non-refundable.

Singapore Citizens $45.00 $49.05
Singapore Permanent Residents $45.00 $49.05
Other Residents $70.00 $76.30

Please note that miscellaneous fees are still payable if you:

  • Withdraw or apply for a leave of absence from SIT after the end of Week 2 of your trimester
  • Have your candidature terminated
  • Are of active learner status with no modules to take

* Subject to GST at the prevailing GST rate

Incidental Fees

During their candidature, learners may utilise various administrative services that incur incidental fees. Examples of such services include reviews of exam results, replacement of matriculation cards, change of programme, etc.

A full listing of incidental fees can be found in the Student Intranet.

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

Singapore Citizens – aged 40 and above – enrolled in MOE-subsidised CSM degree pathway  programmes and receiving MOE Tuition Grant/fee subsidy will be eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy. With the enhanced subsidy, the tuition fees payable will be 60% lower than the standard subsidised fees. The fees payable will be reflected in the Fee Statement/Tax Invoice sent to learners each trimester. 

Please note that learners who do not qualify for MOE Tuition Grant/fee subsidy will not be eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy. 

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