Adult Learners

In line with SIT’s holistic and aptitude-based approach in assessing applicants for admission, the university duly takes into consideration relevant work experience of significant duration. As such, SIT will admit adult learners, alongside fresh school leavers, to our undergraduate programmes.

Aspiring adult learners who do not meet SIT’s minimum academic threshold marginally, but have impressive work experience and records, may be considered fairly under SIT’s aptitude-based admissions process. This allows a second chance for candidates who may not have excelled in the polytechnic, junior college, or other educational institutions, but have since done very well in real-work situations.

For programme-specific requirements, please refer here.

Career Conversion Programmes 

(Formerly known as Professional Conversion Programmes)

The Career Conversion Programme (CCP) helps and supports mid-career Singaporeans in acquiring relevant training to be Diagnostic Radiographers, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists.

CCP applicants must apply to both SIT and Workforce Singapore (WSG) during the application period, in order to be considered. Admissions is highly competitive, and selection is based on relative merit, subject to applicants meeting respective programme requirements, and their performance in the rigorous assessment process.

View the respective programmes and more information on WSG CCP eligibility, process, and funding.

CCP Degree Programme CANDIDATURE CCP eligibility, Process, Funding
Physiotherapists BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Full Time - 3 years, 8 months WSG CCP for Allied Health Professionals
Occupational Therapists BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
Diagnostic Radiographers BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography

Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway

Designed in collaboration with specific industry partners, the Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway aims to provide opportunities for in-employment upgraders to upskill and pursue a degree while they continue their work commitments at the workplace. The adult learners will be awarded the same degree qualification as full-time students upon graduation from the Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway.

This new pathway is developed with the following key features:

  • Recognition of Prior Learning: This pathway will recognise adult learners’ relevant work experience and prior competencies in the holistic admissions selection process. Emphasis will not be solely on academic qualifications and merit.

  • Learner-Centric: Adult learners will have some flexibility and ownership over their learning journey and pace, minimising disruptions in their work and personal lives. Learners will learn both remotely, and on campus i.e. when they need to perform relevant laboratory work, class discussions and in-person assessments. Learning outcomes will be largely achieved through curated projects which learners carry out at work.

  • Collaborative Engagement with Industry Partners: Through close collaboration with respective industry partners, this new pathway aims to meet both the industry’s training needs as well as adult learners’ upgrading aspirations.

In 2021, SIT piloted the new Competency-Based Workplace Learning Pathway in the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Information and Communications Technology (Information Security), in collaboration with Ensign InfoSecurity Pte. Ltd.;

  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and Master of Engineering Technology in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land), in collaboration with LTA, SBS Transit Ltd and SMRT Corporation Ltd.


SIT will continue to engage with like-minded industry partners and explore the possibility to offer the pathway to more adult learners in various disciplines and sectors.

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Continuing Education

Busy professionals and executives who are interested to develop their skills with some flexibility in the course offerings may wish to find out more on the wide variety of open courses offered by SIT’s continuing education arm, SITLEARN, ranging from one-day masterclasses to multiple-week short courses. More details are available here.