Programme Overview

Singapore Institute of Technology
2 years
Total credits
Application period
4 Sep 2024 to 1 Oct 2024
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The Master of Science in Civil Engineering is a 60-ECTS-credit postgraduate programme designed to equip engineers with specialised technical and practical skills to help the industry address increasingly complex civil engineering problems in a creative and sustainable way.

In line with SIT’s applied learning pedagogy, this programme focusses on structural and geotechnical engineering applications, with a strong emphasis placed on the industrial relevance of the curriculum, which has been developed in consultation with government agencies and companies from the construction sector. The programme is tailored to working professionals and classes are conducted on weekday evenings.

The programme can be taken on a part-time basis, usually 2 modules per trimester over 5 trimesters while working full-time; or on a full-time basis over 3 trimesters. This allows working professionals to study at a pace that suits their needs. Additionally, there is flexibility to study for up to 4 years, which is the maximum candidature period.

The Master of Science (Civil Engineering) with Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) has been granted provisional accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Board.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Programme Educational Objectives of the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and Master of Science programmes aim to produce work-ready graduates armed with the following:

•    To be technically competent and industry-ready for a successful career in the civil engineering profession.
•    To acquire analytical, problem-solving and lifelong learning skills to manage civil engineering projects in a rapidly changing world.
•    To address multidisciplinary challenges and to provide technically sound, economically feasible and sustainable solutions.
•    To lead in their profession, community and public service with effective communication, high ethical, and professional standards.

Programme Highlights

The programme specialises in Civil Engineering with emphasis on:

•    Structural and geotechnical engineering with five modules offered in each discipline;
•    Applied learning pedagogy striking a balance between theory and practice and bringing field experience into the classroom;
•    Exposure to structural stability and dynamics theory; design of concrete and precast structures; design of steel and composite elements; design of tall buildings from the five modules in structural engineering;
•    Exposure to Singapore geology and rock mechanics; soil behaviour and site investigation; shallow and deep foundation; numerical modelling; excavation and tunnelling; land reclamation and ground improvement from the five modules in geotechnical engineering; and
•    Application and hands-on experience on numerical modelling using software such as STAAD Pro; ETABS; Revit; ABAQUS; SAFE; PLAXIS(2D&3D); SLOPE/W; and SEEP/W(2D & 3D).

How to Apply

Apply online
1. Apply Online

Jan Intake: 4 Sep 2024 to 1 Oct 2024

Online applications for degree programmes.

Pay Fees
2. Payment

1 week after closing of admissions

Payment of application fee and online submission of relevant supporting documents.

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3. Shortlisting

Jan Intake: 2 Oct 2024 to 13 Oct 2024

Shortlisted candidates will be assessed through interviews.

4. Application 

Jan Intake: 24 Oct 2024 to 3 Nov 2024

Successful candidates will receive an offer via email.

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5. Acceptance 

Jan Intake: 24 Oct 2024 to 3 Nov 2024

It’s time to accept our offer. You’ll receive a pre-matriculation package.

Curriculum Structure

All classes are conducted on weekday evenings. You are required to complete either (i) 10 coursework modules, or (ii) 8 coursework modules and a dissertation on an industrial research project to graduate. Only students with good academic standing are allowed to opt for the dissertation option.



Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

Normal Candidature



2 modules

2 modules

Dissertation Project


2 modules

2 modules

2 modules 

Modules for this programme can be taken individually and stack towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Civil Engineering. Find out more about the Modular Certification Pathways offered SITLEARN (The lifelong learning division of SIT).

Facilities and Support

  • Computer software: STAAD Pro; ETABS; Revit; ABAQUS; SAFE; PLAXIS(2D&3D); SLOPE/W; SEEP/W(2D & 3D)
  • Faculty: Prof Chiew Sing Ping; Assoc Prof Christopher Bronn York; Assoc Prof Paolo Del Linz; Asst Prof Zhao Ming Shan; Asst Prof Hartono Wu; Asst Prof Ho Jiahui; and Asst Prof Yeo Chong Hun
  • Associate Faculty: Experienced industrial practitioners
  • Professional officers to assist in laboratory testing and research


Applicants must possess the following:

  • An accredited Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (including the SIT-Glasgow University BEng in Civil Engineering degree)
  • At least one year of post-bachelor working experience in a related field (including SIT's Integrated Work Study Programme).

Fees and Finances

    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $8,970.00 for SG Citizens / $36,069.00 Non-subsidised fees.
    Subsidised fees per credit
    Total credit
    Tuition fees: $18,180.00 for Permanent Resident / $36,069.00 Non-subsidised fees.
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