Our Directors' Message


Professor Paul Nicholas Sharratt 
Cluster Director, Food, Chemical and Biotechnology

It’s my great pleasure and privilege to introduce you to the Food, Chemical and Biotechnology cluster.

We have more than twenty faculty and we continue to grow in number to provide for our developing activities in teaching and research. Our faculty members bring a wealth of industrial and academic experience from Singapore and abroad, giving us a strong foundation of diverse but complementary backgrounds and skills. Using this broad basis, we can look at problems and opportunities from multiple perspectives, while our applied approach always puts the focus on the best way to address them.

The cluster’s portfolio of teaching and research activity is strongly informed both by the needs of the industries we support and the needs of their future and present employees. Our skill sets and areas we teach and research are chosen to address the future challenges we see for the food and process industries in Singapore: sustainable development, the opportunities presented by digitalisation and biotechnology, innovation in processing and products, as well as maintaining safety and quality. We are constantly looking to innovate and improve in what we do – whether that is developing even more effective learning opportunities for students or developing novel technologies for application.

In our relatively short history, the cluster has not only produced over 1,500 students who have graduated with pharmaceutical engineering, food technology, or chemical engineering degrees, we have also established a multimillion-dollar applied research activity.

I do hope you will take the opportunity to find out more about us – through the information on our website or by contacting us directly.


Associate Professor Leslie Loo

Associate Professor Leslie Loo 
Director of Programmes, Food, Chemical and Biotechnology

Welcome to the Food, Chemical and Biotechnology (FCB) cluster at SIT.

Our undergraduate programmes prepare our graduates to be work-ready in four of the key pillars of Singapore’s economy: chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, and food. Our Pharmaceutical Engineering degree is the first degree in Singapore to produce graduates targeted at the pharmaceutical industry. This industry-focused programme is built on an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates core chemical engineering, life science, and chemistry. Graduates will be trained in the full spectrum of skill sets pertinent to drug manufacturing.

The joint degree programme in Food Technology with Honours, offered by SIT and Massey University, offers a curriculum focused on Food Product Technology while combining food science, food engineering, and food business. The programme aims at educating and equipping our students with the fundamentals of food science and applied food technology skills.

The joint degree programme in Chemical Engineering, offered by SIT and the Technical University of Munich, is the first in Singapore to be imbued with Industry 4.0 topics that are relevant to the current and future needs of the chemical industry. This four-year degree programme will address the growing manpower demands of the local and global chemical industry by producing graduates with deep skills in data engineering and additive manufacturing.

A unique feature of our programmes is our commitment to developing students with the passion to build on their interests and talents to impact society. We provide a nurturing environment that is uniquely enriched by deep insights from world-class partners. Here, you will find useful information on our programmes, student projects, and research activities. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.