Our Directors' Message

prof yew kee ho

Professor Yew Kee Ho
Cluster Director, Business, Communication and Design

The Business, Communication and Design hosts 6 business-related degree programmes, two of which are conducted by the Culinary Institute of America*.

* Bachelor of Accountancy with Honours, Bachelor of Science in Air Transport Management with Honours, Bachelor of Science in Digital Communications and Integrated Media with Honours, Bachelor of Hospitality Business with Honours, Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Business Management (Baking and Pastry Arts), Bachelor of Business Administration in Food Business Management (Culinary Arts)

The collection of these business-related programmes provides a rich platform for cross-fertilization of thoughts for faculty and students. The faculty for these programmes comprises academics with PhD and experienced senior practitioners with professional and postgraduate qualifications including PhD.  The combination of experienced academics and practitioners creates a rich platform for applied learning pedagogy.  

In applied learning, students are given real-life knowledge and working examples to enhance the relevance of their learning.  In addition, the blend of experienced academics and practitioners also enhance our relevance to the industry by conducting applied research which is of direct application and usefulness to the industry.

We have a model of business education which is student and industry centric with the ultimate goal that the training will be relevant to the industry.


a/prof szekee koh

Associate Professor SzeKee KOH 
Director of Programmes, Business, Communication and Design

The Business, Communication and Design cluster offers six degree programmes which include Accountancy, Air Transport Management, Digital Communications and Integrated Media, Hospitality Business AND two Food Business Management degree programmes from our overseas university partner -- Culinary Institute of America. 

At the centre of our students’ SIT experience is our applied learning pedagogies that seek to prepare our students to be industry ready when they graduate from SIT.  Our programme curriculums were developed and designed in consultation with industry practitioners. To ensure that our programmes stay relevant to current and future needs of industry, our Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), who are esteemed business leaders in their field of expertise, meets regularly to review the curriculum and to ensure they stay abreast of the rapidly changing landscape. Recognising the digital disruptions on businesses and professions, our students are also equipped with the essential digital competency skills so that they can be navigators and influencers who steer their organisations towards sustainable value creation through innovations. Through our Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP), our students are also able to have the first-hand industry working experience in the professional field they have chosen to further develop their core technical and professional skillsets as well as other enhancing soft and transferable skills. The whole SIT experience seeks to equip our students to thrive in our increasing complex and inter-connected world – and thrive not just in their professional life but also in their personal and civic life. 

Our talented academic staff are guides and allies in our students’ exploration. They are leaders in their fields and are applying their industry expertise through applied research and real-world practice to address real industry problems. They will challenge and guide our students and open doors to new possibilities as they expose our students with real industry challenges in classrooms. 

The entire Cluster is here to support, sustain and encourage our students as they commit to study at SIT. I speak for the entire faculty, staff and student community of the BCD cluster by saying we look forward to you joining our BCD family!