Desiree Chua Bursary

The Desiree Chua Bursary was established to support financially disadvantaged but deserving students pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). 

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Are first-year students.

  • Are pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree offered by the Institute.

  • Are Singapore Citizens. 

  • Have a household Per Capita Income (PCI) of not more than S$1,500.

  • Have at least a passing grade in their Grade Point Average (GPA). 

Tenure and Benefits of the Bursary:

  • Each Bursary is valued at S$5,000 per year and is tenable for the entire course of studies (of up to four academic years), subject to the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria stated above. 

  • The Bursary shall be used for the recipient’s educational expenses such as tuition fees, course materials, expenses for study trips and fees for other educational activities organised by the Institute.

  • Recipients of this Bursary may accept another bursary concurrently. 

  • No bond is required of the recipient. 

  • Should there be a Recipient whose entire course of studies is less than four years, the remaining bursary funding that is not disbursed may be awarded to another selected undergraduate student in any year of studies. The value of such bursaries and their tenable period will be determined by SIT depending on the funds available.

About the Donor

Resilience, positivity and a giving heart is the embodiment of the Desiree Chua Bursary.

This Bursary is made possible with a gift from Alex Chua, CEO of GB Helios Pte. Ltd., in honour of his mother, Mdm Desiree Chua. Growing up, Mdm Chua taught him the importance of never giving up and ingrained a sense of morals that compelled him to be the best version of himself.

In times of difficulty, she persevered with her strong faith and positive outlook in life. Mdm Chua is an inspiration to those around her; she exudes genuine kindness and has never failed to see the goodness in people. The Desiree Chua Bursary was established to support and encourage promising young individuals to chase their dreams, giving a chance to financially disadvantaged but deserving students pursuing a full-time undergraduate degree at SIT.

    How To Apply

    Applications for Public Bursaries, Donated Bursaries & Scholarships will commence in July 2022. Do keep a look out for more information which will be sent to your SIT e-mail address.

    Matriculated students are to submit their Financial Aid application via the SIT Student Intranet - IN4SIT. Do note that students are to connect to the SIT VPN before accessing IN4SIT. 

    Applicants will need to complete and submit the online application form and upload all required supporting documents through the application portal by the given deadline.

    Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.