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T-Up Eagles Awards: Improvising Manufacturing Processes


SITizens created value for their IWSP companies by optimising and automating workflow processes.

SIT engineering graduates Jerald Chan Eng Aun, Tang Hong Sheng and Andy Ashley Tan were winners of the T-Up Eagles Awards at the SME Tech Day organised by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). They were recognised for bringing new perspectives and ideas to their employers while doing their Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP).

Jerald Chan Eng Aun, 25

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical Engineering

The semiconductor sector is currently Singapore’s largest manufacturing segment, contributing 7% of its GDP in 2021. Chemical Engineering graduate Jerald Chan had first-hand experience of what it is like to work in the robust sector and got to work alongside industry experts to streamline the production process of semiconductor wafers.

Jerald hero image resized

Chemical Engineering graduate Jerald Chan (left) received the T-Up Eagles Award from Ms Chan Lai Fung, Permanent Secretary, National Research & Development. (Photo: A*STAR)

Jerald did his IWSP with Waferlead Pte Ltd, a local manufacturer of semiconductor wafers. He was attached to the R&D and production departments for seven months.

One of his key tasks was to analyse the silicon carbide ingots and wafers that were produced. He was involved in the operational and monitoring functions of the silicon carbide crystal growth furnaces, where he had to determine the optimal growth conditions targeting defect-free silicon carbide ingots.

His T-Up Mentor, Ms Xie Ling from the Institute of Microelectronics (IME), shared her expertise on the subject matter and offered guidance when Jerald was unsure of some processes.

“Through my IWSP, I gained technical knowledge of silicon carbide semiconductors, especially in its uses and growth methods. It was a valuable experience as there were limited opportunities in Singapore to work with experts in this area,” reflected Jerald.

Jerald has recently graduated from SIT and is currently a customer engineer with Applied Materials.

Tang Hong Sheng, 25 and Andy Ashley Tan, 26

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Tang Hong Sheng receives Eagles award

Mechanical Engineering graduate Tang Hong Sheng (left) received the T-Up Eagles Award from Ms Chan Lai Fung, Permanent Secretary, National Research & Development. (Photo: A*STAR)

Osteopore International is a medical device company that develops bioresorbable polymer implants for neurosurgical, orthopaedic, and maxillofacial surgery use. Both Hong Sheng and Andy Ashley were attached to the manufacturing department of the company for their IWSP.

They were tasked to work on a project to improvise the existing manufacturing process of creating bioimplants. They designed and worked on autonomous systems to ease the workload of the production line operators.

For the project, Hong Sheng’s focus was on automating the cleaning and sterilising procedure of manufacturing, which involves cleaning the print bed after every print.

Andy Ashley Tan receives Eagles award

Mechanical Engineering graduate Andy Ashley (left) received the T-Up Eagles Award from Ms Chan Lai Fung, Permanent Secretary, National Research & Development. (Photo: A*STAR)

In the design and fabrication of an autonomous material feeder system, Andy was responsible for automating the refilling of material in the process.

“From researching, drawing sketches, modelling to prototyping, I’m happy to have completed a working prototype which allows the company to implement for its manufacturing process in future,” said Andy.

Hong Sheng added that his T-Up Mentor, Mr Paul Lim from SIMTech, assisted them in many ways, including giving suggestions on how to improve the prototype and writing a programme for the prototype to function.

Andy is now a quality assurance engineer at Murata Electronics Singapore.

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