Small and Smart: Meet the Drone System Inspired by Ants

SITizens emerged champions in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2024, Swarm category, where they built a drone system for a search-and-rescue mission.

Mapletree challenge

Innovating Sustainable Futures: Mapletree Challenge 2024

This year’s Mapletree Challenge continues to motivate students to become proactive change-makers, leveraging innovation to generate value.


Predicting and Preparing for Microgrid Power Disruptions with a Digital Twin

SIT researchers have developed a digital twin of the Punggol Campus microgrid, which can simulate how the campus microgrid operator will respond to scenarios such as a sudden surge in demand or a power fault.

Hero Image EDEN

Engineering the Perfect Cup of Bubble Tea

Muhammad Shadiqin and Nur Sarah share their IWSP experience working on the world’s first automated freshly brewed bubble tea machine.


Beyond Textbooks: Using Industry Experience to Make Engineering Education Come Alive

Professional Officers like Christopher John Arnold are trump cards that equip SITizens with real-world industry skills.


Maximising the Power of Microgrids for Energy Savings

Researchers from SIT, NUS and Power Automation plan to put their findings on smart energy management systems into practice.


Mentors help SIT Interns ‘Mind-the-Gap’ at SMRT

The new SIT-SMRT Buddy Up Programme pairs SIT interns with workplace mentors who are SIT graduates.

mapletree challenge winners

Mapletree Empowers Aspiring Innovators with Fifth Year of Support for The Mapletree Challenge

Five innovative solutions for a better world

exhaust gas

The ‘Green’ Passage Towards Maritime Decarbonisation

With the maritime industry turning to lower carbon fuels and energy-efficient technologies to reduce greenhouse to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Masterclass in Maritime Decarbonisation offered by SIT steers knowledge acquisition in this direction.


From Bolts to Code: The Sky's the Limit

SIT student Dino Tan proves that embracing change will open new doors of learning opportunities.