Lifelong Learning



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Staying Relevant in the Workplace Through Competency-based Upskilling

SIT is empowering working professionals to acquire skills incrementally, on a need basis and at a pace comfortable for the learner. Stackable Micro-credentials hold the answer to upskilling in a VUCA world.

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Shedding Light on Workplace Safety in Social Services

These niche courses equip professionals in social service agencies with the skills to optimise health and safety at the workplace.


Graduation 2023 - ICT

Class of 2023: Impactful Projects Leading to Career Take-offs

The journeys of Patrick Kang and Astor Tran at SIT showcase the power of transformative education.


SIT Launches ‘Learn for Life’ Initiative to Support Lifelong Learning for All Alumni

New initiatives launched to enable all SIT alumni to read a CET module for free once every five years; simplified admissions process for alumni to read suitable postgraduate degrees

Deepening Clinical Expertise through Upskilling

Armed with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sonography, Florence Tan is ready for advanced clinical practice and leadership. 

Overcoming the Barrier to Learning

Is learning new skills still relevant after 40? This was the question Resendos faced while contemplating taking up a postgraduate certificate course at SIT. His decision to constantly upskill himself shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

Industry-ready Graduates for a Data-driven World

Find out how SIT’s degree programmes are designed to equip graduates with relevant and updated skills for the working world. 

SIT’s Industry Mentorship Programme Gives SITizens a Winning Start

ince its first run in 2018, the annual Industry Mentorship Programme (IMP) has benefitted more than 360 SITizens.

Raising the Bar on Electrical Safety Awareness

Electrical accidents and fires are common in both commercial and residential settings.

SIT Continues to Refresh Programme Offerings to Align with Key Industry Trends

New ‘Term-In Term-Out’ (TITO) modality for emerging economic sectors of Applied Computing (Fintech), Digital Supply Chain, and Robotics Systems