SKH Nurse Amanda

Nursing in the New Age

Senior Staff Nurse Amanda Tan Wan Er, embodies the qualities that define nurses' indispensable roles in serving the community.

Engineering Systems

Turbocharging the Way for Transport Engineers to Excel

SIT’s transport engineering degree programmes are designed in collaboration with key agencies and stakeholders, providing a holistic fast track into the industry.


Grooming Future-Ready Talents in Healthcare

SIT’s comprehensive range of healthcare degree programmes is designed to train a new generation of changemakers who deliver professionalism and deep empathy.

SIT pharm eng student

From Lab to Medicine Cabinet: Pharmaceutical Sector's Unsung Heroes

Pharmaceutical engineers work behind the scenes and play a crucial role in the entire journey of pharmaceutical drugs we rely on.


Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators

With a comprehensive suite of electrical and electronic engineering degree programmes, SIT is nurturing the next generation of talent to meet the demand for a smart and innovative Singapore.


Modelling Complex Systems Through Engineering Technology

Mechatronics Systems students learn model-based systems engineering with the help of industry experts from IBM Singapore.

Horse riding therapy

Novel Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Trial Helps Paralysed Patients Walk Again

Associate Professor Wee Seng Kwee and fellow researchers are on a mission to help patients with severe spinal cord injury regain functional mobility.

SST Students working on prototype

Equipping Young Talents with In-Demand Tech Skills at Discover Camp 

Students from the School of Science and Technology enjoyed an immersive and unique out-of-classroom experience at SIT.

Stroke patient

This Behavioural Map Sheds New Light on Stroke Patients’ Physical Activity

The comprehensive study, which assesses the quality of stroke survivors’ physical activity, offers insights into how factors such as fatigue, sleep and social interaction can impact the quality of life and care for these patients.

Resized image John

Shedding Light on Workplace Safety in Social Services

These niche courses equip professionals in social service agencies with the skills to optimise health and safety at the workplace.