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SIT pharm eng student

From Lab to Medicine Cabinet: Pharmaceutical Sector's Unsung Heroes

Pharmaceutical engineers work behind the scenes and play a crucial role in the entire journey of pharmaceutical drugs we rely on.


SITizens received the T-Up Eagles Award

Elevating Efficiency and Bridging the Gap: T-Up Eagles Award

SITizens recognised for creating value in their IWSP companies by improving workflow processes

Taking on the World of Work

Scholars Marcus Foo Qi Fa and Lee Valerie are embarking on exciting education journeys with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Constructing a Strong Foundation for Green Buildings

Meet Luke Beh, an engineer by day and master’s student by night, who wants to build a new generation of buildings that are greener and better.

Diving into Real-World Issues to Make Ships Safer

One focused on the tiny and reaped great benefits. Another spent time to save lives and livelihoods. The last zoomed in on efficiency. Together, these students target common issues faced by marine companies to make a difference.

Upwards and Onwards – Fulfilling the Aviation Dream

Not many can say that their career paths were set in stone after being inspired by documentaries like Air Crash Investigation and Mayday.

Industry-ready Graduates for a Data-driven World

Find out how SIT’s degree programmes are designed to equip graduates with relevant and updated skills for the working world. 


Building a New Generation of Women in STEM with SIT

For years, educators, parents, and business leaders have been talking about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

DOSIS Project: Deepening Applied Research Collaboration

A three-year applied research project between SIT and a Finnish university surmounted pandemic challenges and turned into a long-term partnership.

First-hand Experience in Machine Vision

In this final instalment of a three-part series, we put the spotlight on a SITizen who made a remarkable contribution to his IWSP company through machine vision technology.